Minnie Mouse Baby Shower


I have the best friends. I really do. I don’t know if I say it enough. Over the weekend they threw us a baby shower. They did such a great job planning it, all I did was show up. The theme was Minnie Mouse, since we will be calling the baby Minnie, (like mini me!) as a nickname.


We had it at a local restaurant, and they provided the finger foods. But the highlight was the dessert table! Vanilla bean cupcakes, oreo pops, sugar cookies. We played games, opened presents and got to see all our loved ones in one place.


Thank you so much for all your hard work ladies. We appreciate it so much, and its great to see how loved Minnie will be when she gets here!

Impractical Jokers Tour at the Warner Theatre


I know some of you noticed, and maybe have pointed out that I am lacking in posts. But life is busy! And it will continue to be busy until the baby is born! Did I mention I’m working on a mama blog, separate from this one? Whaaaaatt??

My days have been filled with work, freelance, car stuff, working on baby shower stuff (not mine, I’m lucky to be pregnant with my friends!), birthday parties, appointments, prepping for baby, and some social events.


Luckily we got to fit in a date night. Hubs and I went to see The Tenderloins Comedy Troupe on their Impractical Jokers Tour. If you haven’t heard of them (what are you living under a rock?) They have a show on Tru TV called Impractical Jokers. 4 best friends who challenge each other to do pranks to unsuspecting people, embarrass each other and have a hilariously good time (at least for us viewers) to watch them do it.


We looooove their show, and their live show was just as entertaining. They tell us stories of their times on the road, behind the scenes snaps of pranks they do to each other when they aren’t “working” (pranking in front of a camera for their show). And stories of their life. There was a meet and greet afterward, that I wish I participated in, but basically after the show they let you bum rush the stage to take pictures and talk to them…I’m too pregnant for that.

I love their show and after being 5 rows away from them, I feel like they are very personable, and we could be friends. Next time, I’d definitely want to bring more friends and meet them!

Great Wolf Lodge


So I’m sure you’ve heard commercials for this place. I believe there are multiple locations. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. For those of you that DON’t know what this place is, it’s basically a resort with an indoor water park. They’ve got a wave pool, a kiddie play area, a children’s “hot tub”, and adult hot tub, boogie boarding, a few huge slides, a swimming pool, a lazy river…


and this big climbing thing. Aside from water activities, they also have an arcade, which has this human size wack-a-light type game that I want to come back to play when I’m not pregnant. They also have minature bowling, a kiddie spa, and adult spa (with maternity massage!), Shadow/Magic quest which sends you on adventures all over the lodge and of course story times, face painting and a balloon animals guy. THERE IS A LOT TO DO.


The husband and I have always wanted to check it out, but since we didn’t have kids of our own yet, it would have been awkward to just plan a weekend there. Luckily, our friend has children, of age, and it was spring break and they asked us if we’d like to join. Uh..yes. There really was something for everyone, and I’d love to come back with our mini bun. During the summer they open up the outdoor part of the park so there is even more to do! One thing I recommend is getting the souvenir sipper cup. For $13 you get the cup and free refills your entire stay, and anytime you come back. Well worth it for us because this included Icees, and I am all about the Coke Icees. A small icee which is half that size is about $4 so it started paying for itself!


I was actually quite surprised to see some teens there. Looked like they brought their significant others as well. This particular location was very close to wal-mart, sonic, chick fil-a and other restaurants,so if you find the food too expensive in there you can always go off the resort for eats. They also provide a fridge and microwave in your room so bring snacks and your own water!

I definitely would go back with our little one, and friends and theirs!