What’s For Dinner: Mushroom Florentine

EL9b85bJ7ERAwigh.jpgI have not been cooking a lot lately. You probably noticed on the blog and on my instagram, and when I do, it’s something fairly quick since I don’t have the stamina to stay on my feet for too long. I found this recipe while perusing on pinterest and gave it a shot. Pretty good! This is definitely going into my weekday meal catalog of things that are quick and easy to make after work. Need a meatless pasta for the weekday? Look no further than the Mushroom Florentine.

I made this recipe exactly the way she wrote it, except I didn’t go by her cooking times. I just watched and felt my way through the recipe through instincts with those.


One thing I like to do before I start cooking, is read the recipe all the way through, then prep all the ingredients. I feel like things go much faster and smoothly when all your ingredients are measured out and ready to go. First I freshly grated gruyere.


Slice the mushrooms.


They say to mince the garlic, I like to grate them. But be careful, this makes it cook faster, so I add them at the last possible moment. I do this because even though I love garlicky foods, I actually hate biting into it directly.


After I prep those, I get my pot ready for pasta.


While I wait for the pot to boil, I whisk together the  flour, milk, chicken broth, salt and pepper. Then heat up a pan with olive oil.


Brown the mushrooms, then add in the garlic. When the garlic is fragrant and not burnt add in the liquid.


Simmer until slightly thickened.


Then add cheese, and stir until melted.


Add spinach and stir until wilted.


Once everything is wilted and well mixed…your pasta should be done and drained.


Stir in pasta and add more cheese if you’d like. Remove from heat and enjoy!

Mushroom Florentine from She Wears Many Hats

Shay Mitchell’s Sea Salt Caramel Macarons


So I really didn’t want to order them. Shipping is a little absurd when there is so many great macaron places around here. But sea salt caramel is my favorite. I haven’t had a macaron in a long time. AND HELLO I LOVE SHAY MITCHELL. She is my favorite Pretty Little Liar.

When Dana’s bakery came out with this. I had to do it.


…and I wasn’t disappointed. Can we make this a regular flavor Dana?!

Today is National Macaron Day, if you order from Dana’s Bakery TODAY, you can get a free Variety Pack with the code MACDAY on check out. Just pick out a box (preferable the shay buttah box) and then add a variety pack. At checkout enter the code, and it should discount you the variety box! I just did it. So I’ve got a couple more boxes coming my way. I guess I share this time now.


Restaurant Eve’s Asian Tasting Menu


The other day, the Chef wanted to go out to dinner. We haven’t spent much time together since I’ve gotten further into my pregnancy, and since my work is done via mobile/internet there was no need for face to face meetings. On her day off, she wanted to try the Asian tasting menu at Restaurant Eve in Old Town.

The sign and brick hallway could be easy to miss but it’s right where the address leads you. Just squeeze through the tiny brick hallway. Right away we were offered to check our coats. It’s a very nice restaurant, no jeans. Remember that!


Right off they offered us drinks. They were also kind enough to make a tamarind mama-to-be safe mocktail. Meyer lemon, tamarind juice and pineapple juice. Usually made with rum, and came in a “drunken glass”. It wobbles! I liked it, had two orders of it!


First bites, which I am guessing change with the whim of the chef, were quail deviled eggs with a spicy kick, gruyere gougères, a french cheese puff and pork belly croquette with mustard. All were perfect.


Parsnip velouté with golden raisins, this was nice and smooth and had a great balance of flavor. Just the right amount of soup to keep you satisfied but not full, because hey! More food was coming. I normally hate raisins, but it worked with this dish.


Filipino street bbq, pork belly, champagne vinegar, and a poached quail egg on top of rice. Instead of the second piece of pork belly, there is a ceviche that gets the citrus poured as soon as it hits the table. The server asks everyone about any food allergies and limitations at the beginning of the meal, and were kind enough to accommodate the one prego lady. I loved the flavor of the bbq, and how all the bites worked together when dipped in the champagne vinegar.


The tasting menu comes out all at once as a family style meal.


Jaeyukgui a spicy kimchi and pork stir fry.


Dinuguan is a filipino spicy stew, traditionally with pig’s blood and offal, garlic, chili, and vinegar, what chef does is use blood sausage, instead of the full bodied blood, to appease the less adventurous eaters.


Stir fried shitake mushrooms with garlic, tasty with rice.


We had two kinds of curry, red  with hawaiian blue prawns, and green curry with daurade. They both look the same so I just took a picture of one. The prawns were mighty tasty and full of flavor, but I’m always a fan of head on shrimp!


Callos – filipino stew with clams and tripe. This was also one of my favorite dishes that came out.


Lentils cooked in duck fat.


Panang curry with soft tofu and pork belly. Tasted less like Thai and more like an Indian curry.


And to end the meal, warm rice pudding with house made coconut sorbet. This was the perfect ending to the meal. Not too sweet, with the warm and cool contrasting so well in your mouth. I would come back just for this.

Overall it was a great attempt at bringing unique flavors of Asian cuisine by an Irish chef. It’s a nice introduction to the more exotic types of Asian dishes that you’d find at your Americanized Thai or Korean restaurants. If you are used to the more traditional side of Thai, Korean, or Filipino dishes, don’t expect that. It’s definitely made to cater to people who’d like to have exotic foods but aren’t too sure if they aren’t ready to jump two feet in.

The staff is super friendly, attentive, and the quality of food and flavors are worth the trip! I’d love to come back and have the regular menu.


Surprise! You’re In A New Decade


I really thought nothing too special was going to happen for my 30th birthday. I didn’t plan to have a party. I didn’t have dinner plans with many friends. I thought I was just going to have a spa day, and then maybe a dinner that my husband plans with my girl friends. Quiet and calm.

I was having an internally emotional day Friday. I was going to be 30th, only 19 years younger than my mom when she died. Soon I will age past my mom (ideally). And I guess it was just a morbid thought I had. I was born at 1:44pm. My mom always texted or called me (pre-texting) to tell me happy birthday, not first thing in the morning like my dad and brother did. It was kind of our special thing, because that’s when I was really hers.

Since my mom passed, my husband has always been the one to send that text. He got super busy at work and missed it. I was sad, but I didn’t hold it against him. He came home and wished me happy birthday on California time :D. We had a beautiful dinner at our favorite, romantic restaurant, Bistro Cacao.


Saturday morning, my friend treated me to a chocolate facial at the spa, and then lunch. Then she was super adamant about getting me dolled up at her place…before her husband dropped me off at home. Wut. I’m just going home I don’t need to put on my face or do my hair. But she convinced me, saying we need to continue our day of beauty…right down to her helping me wash my hair at her place (I was looking a little too greasy I guess). Good thing I did. Because when I walked through the door, my husband was laying on the floor like this…


And the house was decorated with a tropical/Hawaiian theme. But everyone was still hidden, and no one yelled surprise at first. So I was just confused. Finally my niece jumps out from under the table and everyone came out of hiding. Husband put a lei on me and tied a grass skirt. I looked harder and saw that there were ninja turtles scattered about as well. A tropical TMNT themed 30th party. They know me so well.


Not only that, but my Ride or Die and her Fiance passed down the Hulk hands, and I too  got to HULK SMASH a cake for my 30th.

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Thank you to everyone that helped, attended, and made it a memorable 30th.