5 Year Anniversary

Wow! Five years, who would have thought I’d have this site up for so long? I for sure didn’t. I started blogging as a way to share pictures and updates on my life with my cousin in Paris. That blog was under another name and from another time. Then after my mother passed away, it completely changed me, and my life. I started this new-ish blog to document my new outlook on life and published it two days before I signed the paperwork for my first home. Another big life change.

In the five years that miemonster.net/.com existed a LOT has happened. This blog was my journal to my cousin, my travel diaries, my cooking notes and my creative outlet. Somehow other people started reading it, and I have made blog friends who have become IRL friends. I’ve grown my relationship, my family, my career. And even though I haven’t been as active this year, ya know being a mom and starting a new job, I am so thankful for the handful of you who still stick with me and read along when I do post!

This blog has given me opportunities to explore my passion for food, life, and traveling. There’s still a lot of growing to be done, slowly but surely, and I truly thank you, dear readers, for your kind words, support and letting me know when you find my writing relatable or helpful! Because even though I’ll happily write for one reader (my cousin) it’s definitely more motivating to have more!

I will be sipping, and clinking glasses with a friend tonight to celebrate a wonderful milestone! Cheers to five and many more!


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