Back to Reality

It’s already September? What is it about September that signifies a big change in the year. People refer to it as the unofficial start of fall. Hello, we still have until September 22 this year. Or is it because all the “basic” chicks are ready for their pumpkin spice errrrythang. I’ve lifted my pumpkin ban this year, so I will be making pumpkin bread, and whoopie pies and all the things!! Just not drinking the lattes. Because there isn’t any pumpkin in it…fo real.


To kick off fall and “end” summer,  we took a road trip to the lakeside cottage in Muskoka, Canada. Perfect weather, not a lot of mosquitoes (compared to the last time we were there in the month of June where we were eaten alive).  Baby is adventurous and loves the water. And boats. She was all about the boats! It was so cute to see her excitement. And it was awesome to catch up with family and unplug. Now I’m refreshed and ready to get cracking on all the side projects and hustles and life!


I hope you left summer with a bang! I am ready for cooler weather (NOT SNOW. STAY AWAY.) and dressing the babe in layers. And sipping hot drinks and not sweating. Not sweating is important.

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