Body Art

Tattoos, a subject that could be quite controversial depending on where you are from. DC/Metro area, even though the city is home to go-go music, Wale and once held the title of Murder Capital…the predominant part of DC is the conservative and political suits. Having tattoos here versus having tattoos in San Diego is very different. Especially if you’re a career driven business professional such as myself. No one ever says tattoos could make or break you, they always say that it will break you, especially if you want to be taken seriously in business. Luckily for me, art and business mix, and people are lot more lenient on me if a tattoo peeps out because well, “she’s an artist.” Continue reading

Mulled Wine

I’ve heard of this before, but never tried it. Had no idea what was in it. Just knew that it was a warm holiday drink. Since the holidays are in full swing, I figured…why not?! Armed with my slow cooker cookbook, I tried to find a recipe that sounded good. (I like to do food math in my head before actually trying the recipe…like tasting it in my mind). After I found the similarities in all, I decided to just wing it and hope for the best. Continue reading