Ginnie’s Birthday Shenanigans


My cousin Ginnie, turned 27 last week and we decided to take her out for a night on the town. Anything she wanted, or wanted to do Saturday was her choice. You can read about her night on her blog. We had a BLAST. I’m always happy when I get to eat. And we did a lot of it!

The night started at Toki Underground and for those of you that don’t know, I wrote a review of it back in April. This place is so good, it is ALWAYS busy, so I haven’t made my way over there in 7 months. Ginnie has always wanted to go, but never got a chance to, so Erik Bruner-Yang graciously welcomed us for an amazing meal. I wanted her to taste everything so I ordered one of all the dumplings and the vegetarian soup. Too many bottles of sake and a buncha cocktails made it a great start to the night. New favorite drink? The Toki Monster…which is perfect for the Miemonster. Bourbon and a skewer of pork belly? Fat girl’s dream come true. Thanks Mike!

Toki Underground is worth the wait and I highly suggest making your way there in this lifetime. I have dreams about this stuff until I can’t remember what it tastes like anymore, and I’ll have to go back 🙂

After filling our bellies, we were off to the next bar. The rest of the night pretty much went like this… drinks. food. drinks. food. drinks… DANCING. Even tho we had intentions of staying on H street. We couldn’t find a venue we liked enough for music, and get enough alcohol in these girls and the dancing is unstoppable. We planned to go to Marvin’s on U street, and realized that Blackbyrd was next door. Erik invited us out to his gig there that night (he was djing) and we ending up staying out the rest of our adventure there.

The best part? Got to see my homie Dirty Steeeve on the ones and twos. He was djing when we got there and I finally got to see/hear him spin. He took some time out the booth to catch up with me! <3 STALK him wherever he spins, its bound to be a good time!

Deanna being gorgeous and me and Steve doing what we do when we’re together. Effing stuff up with our silliness. PHOTOBOMB!

Also. This cutie came out all the way from Baltimore to run amuck with us! <3 I had such a great night with the ladies and gents. However, I got NO sleep this weekend, and Monday was HARD. I should hibernate for the rest of the year. Until next time…



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