Luke's Diner Pop Up

I am a Gilmore Girls fan. So excited about the revival this Thanksgiving. When I heard (Thanks Vitya!) that my local coffee shop was going to host a Luke’s Pop up (sponsored by Netflix) I had to be there. It was meant to be. Because really, there were no other Northern Virginia locations (plenty in DC!) and it just happened to be on my way to work. YAS.


The breakdown. To be honest it wasn’t much. They had a Luke’s diner sign out. They had his famous “No Cell Phone” sign around the shop. And other signs with a Luke-esque feel to them. The baristas were wearing flannel and blue backwards caps, along with aprons with Lukes on it. I think being surrounded by other Gilmore Girls fans was part of the fun. And of course Grounded Coffee has awesome coffee and delicious food, so that was a plus. If you’re just a “meh” fan of the show, it might have been a waste of time. And there were plenty of people who dropped out of line (CLEARLY NOT HARDCORE ENOUGH). Which only made the line go faster for me!


It brought a little ray of sunshine on my rough couple of weeks. Thank you to my husband who despite not watching the show, his disdain for the theme song, being cold and hungry was a great sport in wanting to share this moment with me. Can you believe this show started 16 years ago (the age Lorelei had Rory!). I’m excited to see all the characters grown up (hello, Lane had kids!) and where they ended up in life.


I remember watching the series on my maternity leave, and hoping my daughter and I would be that close, despite our age difference. Thanks Netflix for bringing back all the feels.


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