Stand Mixer Stories: Homemade Ice Cream


I haven’t written about the stand mixer in awhile. I think because it’s such an integral part of my baking, that it’d be too much for me to talk about every little thing that I do with it. BUT. I have a new attachment! ICE CREAM MAKER!


The first ice cream I tried to make, was Green Tea ice cream. First I have to whisk some milk and cornstarch. Then matcha and whipping cream.


It thickens up. I set aside. I learn later…that I need to use LESS matcha powder.


Slave over a hot dirty stove. Mix it up.



Let it chill.


Churn baby churn!


It comes out soft serve, but then you put it in an airtight container for a few hours. Then you can scoop and eat.

Verdict? It was fun, and simple enough. I do like the flavor, BUT when I make this again, I will use LESS matcha. It left a strong tea after taste on my tongue. So now I have a quart of this ice cream…any takers?

Springfest 2014


The first car show of the season! The honey and I headed off to Virginia Beach in two separate cars. He is part of the indoor showing of cars, so he has to park his car there early. Having the extra car is helpful for our weekend, while his car is tied up.




Traffic on 95 south is always bad. But we made it at a decent time!


We checked in our hotel, had some delicious cookies. I LOVE these cookies. I probably had 4 cookies a day. This is why I will never be able to get on a strict healthy diet. *shakes fist.


We then took his car over to the convention center and got it ready for the show the next day.vzDWQSedJR9Iqi8T.png The event showed 50 cars indoors, and 750 cars in their outer lot. There were so many types of cars there, VIP styles, stanced, classics, brand new baller cars and fun cars with their own themes like…all pink, zombie apocalypse, and other crazy customizations.o13Mp1FSaDDM7KV1.jpgWLwXmbSpmzaGJQ0U.jpgSkALsPkFXDRPw1ZD.jpgUbxJA3KdTdaIXg0u.jpgRaXTcqOjHEOtQIy9.jpg

Next big show, Boxerfest!

Life With Bawse: Spring Play date!

OZVnxYoFcb8CiAYR.jpgI know, I know it’s been such a long time since I had a Bawse update. He’s still a puppy in my eyes, but he is pretty much grown. There aren’t as many new developments. He does know how to bring his leash now to go outside, so in combination of ringing the bell and bringing the leash he gets to go outside faster (is he training us, or are we training him?).


The weather was awesome this weekend, and we couldn’t stay cooped up inside so we decided to take him for a long walk. We’ve decided that dog parks aren’t a good idea anymore (with all the pitbull hating going on) so a nice walk with a buddy is much better. Though we are still planning to check out Shirlington dog park when it gets warmer, so he can splash around!


We headed over to the W O&D trail with his buddy Isis, where they got to run, walk, play and love on each other.

A Cambodian Engagement


As you might know, a LOT of my friends are getting married around the same time. And my ride or die chick is one of them. After a surprise proposal in Cambodian, she had her traditional Cambodian engagement ceremony this past weekend, complete with lots of family working hard to put together the event.


It started off with preparations all week.





Then when the big day came, everyone had to get dolled up and things set up. There is a big march to the house, and the groom tells the family why he’s there.


It was pretty cute actually. The story goes, he was walking by the house, and he saw their beautiful daughter and wants to make her his wife. He brings gifts/bribes to get the family of the bride to say yes.


They come to an agreement, and the goods (aka the bride) gets brought out for “inspection”. Haha. Okay maybe I’m making it too casual, but this is how it played out in my mind.


BUT THERE’s a TWIST. The family of the bride decides that, no shes worth more than that. Their daughter is a wonderful magical princess and isn’t easily bought. SOOOO. The groom had to write a check. They finally were like, yeah, okay. We’ll let her go.




Then the engagement is official and we party all night long! And eat! Please note, that this was all in Cambodian, and I didn’t understand a lot of what was going on, so I pretty much made it up.


Lao culture is very similar, except we don’t have an engagement ceremony. You pretty much get married when proposed to!


Seeing this made me so happy. It’s real life. They’ve been together and known each other for more years than there are on my hands. I can’t wait til we all have babies and they can share the friendship that we have.

Mama Miemo’s Macarons


Pretty much, this is my life currently. I made an announcement that I will be selling easter “egg” macarons. You can buy assorted packs of 6 flavors:

Orange Creamsicle, Lemon, Mixed Berry, Raspberry, Pistachio and Vanilla. In pretty spring colors. wTQid7rW6UPAFuFc.jpg









I packaged them up in egg cartons, and it was a good way for people to try some of my flavors. I’ve gotten great feedback and have been busy busy in the kitchen making these.ny0xykikrhYE7S7i.jpg

And look! I have new packaging. Hopefully these are safer to mail! My poor kitchen, and fiance. I haven’t cooked real food in there, in a while. But I love making macarons! I really need to get back to cooking though. I miss it.

But I am also having fun developing new macaron flavors!

Crawfish Pistolettes

Who doesn’t love food, stuffed into another food? In this case, I am talking about rolls, stuffed with Cajun goodness. In it we have the Cajun mirepoix, the holy trinity, celery, onions and green bell pepper. Along with crawfish, and jalapeno velveeta. OOH. I’m hungry.

4BB1JbJB8KZ5FfjQ.jpgSince I am no longer in Louisiana, and it’s not always crawfish season, I have to start off frozen. Interesting that has Louisiana written all over it…but it’s a product of China. Womp! I get these in the frozen seafood section of Wal-Mart.

2op9FqJcjIZfxl2A.jpgStart up with the “holy trinity” of Cajun cooking. I wish you can smell it. I can smell it as I write this.

l05tG7rRITizETrh.jpgAdd cream of mushroom, jalapeno velveeta, hot sauce, and seasonings.

tFWQakLMtWYY12zU.jpgThen the main attraction, and stir until warmed all the way through, and bubbling a little. Remove from heat, and set it aside to cool a little.

IinZXrw5ef40LTw1.jpgHollow out the rolls, but keep the tops matched up, because we are putting these babies back together!

LGT40AXVMcBsi1MY.jpgStuff it.

8NN9zJ88Zvg5boze.jpgPut them back together, and brush melted butter on it. Bake, and ENJOY.

I used this recipe as a basis, but of course I made it my own. Because that’s how I roll. Especially when it comes to rolls. GET IT? HAHA.

It’s April!?


Oh my? Where has the time gone? I know I’ve done poorly on my blog. It’s ok. It happens. You are still my friend right? You know how it goes. Life happens! First I was sick, then I got better.


In between all that, I mass produced macarons. Yes I am back in business!


With new mailable packages (beta).


Also, I’ve been making a lot of these cookies. They will be available for purchase too. Trust me, they’re good.


On top of all that baking, and trying to get my little side business together, I’ve been working on wedding stuff. This is mostly a food blog/my life so there won’t be too many details on that. I don’t like wedding planning, so I probably won’t like writing about it either. Just know, that this won’t be the kind of wedding you’re used to!




I also took the time, to hang out and catch up with my favorite girls! Eating mussels one night, and chicken and waffles the next time. Eating and girly talks are my fave.


My brother had the grand opening for his garage this past weekend. It was a big deal. My little baby brother (he’s really not that little or a baby) opened his OWN garage. Automotive customization. His dream is now a reality. How amazing is that? So proud.


Now after all that sickness, and bad eating,. I have to get healthy and make wise eating decisions. After going through all the options available out there…I think Paleo is probably the most realistic for me. Lots of meats and vegetables.. BUT NO GRAINS (oh no…but I need rice and breads and pasta) and you know stuff like, no dairy, processed sugars and legumes. We’re going to ease into it though. I wonder if the boys in the house will notice.


I’m still going to be cooking and baking wonderful delicious stuff that I probably can’t eat and write about those recipes. Because, food blog.