Stand Mixer Stories: Homemade Ice Cream


I haven’t written about the stand mixer in awhile. I think because it’s such an integral part of my baking, that it’d be too much for me to talk about every little thing that I do with it. BUT. I have a new attachment! ICE CREAM MAKER!


The first ice cream I tried to make, was Green Tea ice cream. First I have to whisk some milk and cornstarch. Then matcha and whipping cream.


It thickens up. I set aside. I learn later…that I need to use LESS matcha powder.


Slave over a hot dirty stove. Mix it up.



Let it chill.


Churn baby churn!


It comes out soft serve, but then you put it in an airtight container for a few hours. Then you can scoop and eat.

Verdict? It was fun, and simple enough. I do like the flavor, BUT when I make this again, I will use LESS matcha. It left a strong tea after taste on my tongue. So now I have a quart of this ice cream…any takers?

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  1. Mine always comes out SUPER soft serve, like not fully frozen, but I love the convenience of the ice cream maker attachment, and I keep the bowl in my deep freezer so it’s always available for use. Hmm … might make something tonight.

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