Ice Dreams Soda Shop


This little ice cream shop was so cute. It is basically a cola cola paraphernalia hoarders dream.  b3EY46kN4Okw2nxX.jpg

The owner collected all kinds of coca cola trinkets and decorated the shop with it. Along with their ice creams, they had cold and hot drinks to choose from. Cash only!1Paqa1r8qz9sZJdh.jpg

I got some crazy ice cream with chocolate fish in it.M5YpMLpTKxaGR2zH.jpg

WSPLmLA5fcT2EZlp.jpgIt kind of reminded me of my mom, because she drank one coke a day, and loved the polar bears and those old school coca cola glasses!

Ice Dreams Soda Shop
3131 Muskoka Road 169
Bala, ON P0C 1A0, Canada


Stand Mixer Stories: Homemade Ice Cream


I haven’t written about the stand mixer in awhile. I think because it’s such an integral part of my baking, that it’d be too much for me to talk about every little thing that I do with it. BUT. I have a new attachment! ICE CREAM MAKER!


The first ice cream I tried to make, was Green Tea ice cream. First I have to whisk some milk and cornstarch. Then matcha and whipping cream.


It thickens up. I set aside. I learn later…that I need to use LESS matcha powder.


Slave over a hot dirty stove. Mix it up.



Let it chill.


Churn baby churn!


It comes out soft serve, but then you put it in an airtight container for a few hours. Then you can scoop and eat.

Verdict? It was fun, and simple enough. I do like the flavor, BUT when I make this again, I will use LESS matcha. It left a strong tea after taste on my tongue. So now I have a quart of this ice cream…any takers?