It’s April!?


Oh my? Where has the time gone? I know I’ve done poorly on my blog. It’s ok. It happens. You are still my friend right? You know how it goes. Life happens! First I was sick, then I got better.


In between all that, I mass produced macarons. Yes I am back in business!


With new mailable packages (beta).


Also, I’ve been making a lot of these cookies. They will be available for purchase too. Trust me, they’re good.


On top of all that baking, and trying to get my little side business together, I’ve been working on wedding stuff. This is mostly a food blog/my life so there won’t be too many details on that. I don’t like wedding planning, so I probably won’t like writing about it either. Just know, that this won’t be the kind of wedding you’re used to!




I also took the time, to hang out and catch up with my favorite girls! Eating mussels one night, and chicken and waffles the next time. Eating and girly talks are my fave.


My brother had the grand opening for his garage this past weekend. It was a big deal. My little baby brother (he’s really not that little or a baby) opened his OWN garage. Automotive customization. His dream is now a reality. How amazing is that? So proud.


Now after all that sickness, and bad eating,. I have to get healthy and make wise eating decisions. After going through all the options available out there…I think Paleo is probably the most realistic for me. Lots of meats and vegetables.. BUT NO GRAINS (oh no…but I need rice and breads and pasta) and you know stuff like, no dairy, processed sugars and legumes. We’re going to ease into it though. I wonder if the boys in the house will notice.


I’m still going to be cooking and baking wonderful delicious stuff that I probably can’t eat and write about those recipes. Because, food blog.




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  1. Yay for exciting stuff going on! I feel the same way about life craziness. It’s so much crazier than normal. And I LOVE the Nom Nom Paleo book. I’ve never cooked so many recipes out of one book and I already love Michelle’s blog! Good luck!

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