Surprise! You’re In A New Decade


I really thought nothing too special was going to happen for my 30th birthday. I didn’t plan to have a party. I didn’t have dinner plans with many friends. I thought I was just going to have a spa day, and then maybe a dinner that my husband plans with my girl friends. Quiet and calm.

I was having an internally emotional day Friday. I was going to be 30th, only 19 years younger than my mom when she died. Soon I will age past my mom (ideally). And I guess it was just a morbid thought I had. I was born at 1:44pm. My mom always texted or called me (pre-texting) to tell me happy birthday, not first thing in the morning like my dad and brother did. It was kind of our special thing, because that’s when I was really hers.

Since my mom passed, my husband has always been the one to send that text. He got super busy at work and missed it. I was sad, but I didn’t hold it against him. He came home and wished me happy birthday on California time :D. We had a beautiful dinner at our favorite, romantic restaurant, Bistro Cacao.


Saturday morning, my friend treated me to a chocolate facial at the spa, and then lunch. Then she was super adamant about getting me dolled up at her place…before her husband dropped me off at home. Wut. I’m just going home I don’t need to put on my face or do my hair. But she convinced me, saying we need to continue our day of beauty…right down to her helping me wash my hair at her place (I was looking a little too greasy I guess). Good thing I did. Because when I walked through the door, my husband was laying on the floor like this…


And the house was decorated with a tropical/Hawaiian theme. But everyone was still hidden, and no one yelled surprise at first. So I was just confused. Finally my niece jumps out from under the table and everyone came out of hiding. Husband put a lei on me and tied a grass skirt. I looked harder and saw that there were ninja turtles scattered about as well. A tropical TMNT themed 30th party. They know me so well.


Not only that, but my Ride or Die and her Fiance passed down the Hulk hands, and I too  got to HULK SMASH a cake for my 30th.

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Thank you to everyone that helped, attended, and made it a memorable 30th.

Minion Cupcakes, Never Again


Let me preface this by saying, I love my niece. I love being the one that bakes her cupcakes every year for her birthday, even though I’m really not a fan of decorating cupcakes. Every year my sister picks an awesome theme and they go all out. This year, it was Despicable Me, and she had minion everything.

Ashley pinned a picture of a twinkie topped cupcake, and asked if I could do it. I say…yes. Thankfully I got help from my baking guru friend Diem. I could not have done it without her!


We made funfetti cupcakes topped with a blue buttercream. I ordered Wilton Candy Eyeballs which I used to decorate the twinkies. We used black gel icing for the details, and chocolate jimmies for the spiky hair.



It’s a pretty simple thing to do, but since we made 48 it was a long and tedious process. First we cut the twinkies in half, then with a little frosting, stick one or two eyes on them.


After that, I poked holes into the top of the twinkies (which are now hard by the way from sitting out of the package) and inserted chocolate jimmies for spiky hair.



Using a small tip and black piping gel, I outlined the eyes to make goggles and finish their face.


After that we frosted the cupcakes, and pressed the twinkies on top! I personally don’t like eating twinkies, but everyone seemed to enjoy them!

Smash Cake

One of our dear friends, Kam, turned 30 last week. And our friends Jason and Deanna decided to give him a smash cake, as well as some hulk hands to complete the job. Best.Idea.Ever. They baked him a cake layered 4 stacks high specifically for this occasion. Prior to this, we went out on a triple dinner date (CFF= Couple Friends Forever) and its always a good time. I am so thankful to have my friends, and our husbands all get along. After smashing one cake, we ate another. We love you Kam!

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Dad’s Birthday Recap


I’m a Daddy’s girl. For the longest time, I was his little tomboy princess. Now it’s my little sister’s turn to have the crown. She’s 4.



We love him so much, that we went to his house, 2 hours away, after work during traffic, to celebrate his special day with him. And he’s lucky because it’s always crawfish season when it’s his birthday. So we do how any cajuns would do a birthday. With a crawfish boil!NP9oK9kQopZ2eovp.jpg




So he’s been 21 for over 30 years now I’m sure. But we’ll let him have it.txrDX4f8ta0RlatT.jpg

8L8eGyzs66qy2R7S.jpgSince my brother and I don’t drink anymore, he made us take shots of frosting. Disgusting. But that’s love.

Surprise! Bahamas.


Last year for my birthday, we went to Hawaii. I thought that couldn’t be topped. He did it big, and he did it better this year. And it was completely unexpected. In the weeks leading up to this trip, he mentioned that we were going to take a weekend getaway “south” about 3-4 hours away. Me thinking I am Sherlock, assumed that it would be a ROAD TRIP to North or South Carolina.

I was completely wrong.


Friday morning, we loaded up the car, and I thought I was headed to work, but no. I soon realized we were headed to the airport. Freaking out, because I am type A and need to be prepared for all situations, I exclaim that I am not packed for the airport. He says he’s got it covered, and when we parked, he pulls out a bag of small empty containers. Time to dump my full sized goodies into tiny bottles.


We walk into the terminal, and he hands me my passport. WAIT, WHAT. I’m not prepared to go out of the country!? We made it through security and sit down at our gate. I still have no idea where we are going. He hands me my boarding pass. WE ARE GOING TO THE BAHAMAS?!…I’m not packed for the Bahamas!!? I had jeans and sweaters in my luggage. Lucky me, he packed my flip flops, bathing suits and “summer” clothes.

It was a complete surprise, with much more in store. I was so happy to escape the snow!


Mardi Gras/Birthday

Thank you so much to everyone who came to my birthday party, mardi gras celebration. Every year it gets better and better and I’m so happy to share it with them. n0azaBMReVKtGwAA.jpg


This cake was the best cake ever. My friend Tiffany was in charge, and I told her to make whatever she wanted, as long as I got to blow out candles. She went above and beyond what normal friends would do if you asked a friend to make you a cake. SHE MADE ME AN ICE CREAM CAKE.LMKbjyrc9a1E6WiJ.jpg

No this wasn’t your normal chocolate vanilla ice cream cake. She made a red bean and green tea ice cream cake, with a fluffy chiffon cake. YUM. I almost didn’t have any cake leftover, it was such a hit! (Tiffany managed to hide a piece in the freezer for me, for later).

I have the best friends, fiance and family. So happy to have lived another year!


Birthday Week


My how the year has flown by! I am typing this to you on my surprise weekend trip to the Bahamas, which my honey gifted me! My actual birthday is Thursday, Feburary 27th. Since last year we went to Hawaii, and this year I was planning on joining my annual Mardi Gras party with my birthday party, he wanted to sneak me out of the country for a quick paradise getaway! More on my trip later.

In celebration of my birthday, I wanted to do a giveaway! Stay tuned! One of my favorite aprons will be up for grabs.


Virtue Feed & Grain

Another year older for my ride or die chick Vitya. Due to a long day, and bad allergies, we had to opt out of friday night shenanigans. To make it up to her the OG CFFs (couple friends forever, yes its a real thing) took her to Virtue Feed & Grain. We got in right on time. The chefs were leaving the establishment, and we had one final chance to taste the amazing food before they got new chefs.

Duck LEG confit. Duck anything confit. I love. I ordered. It was perfect. OH and the steak. I had to trade plates half way through my duck, because I wanted to fill the rest of my tummy with steak. The chef brought out ALL the desserts to our table in celebration of her birthday, so we got to try a little bit of everything. Thanks to Killa DEE and her knowing the chef 😉

It was great, and I am nervous about the chef change, but I wish them the best!

Old Lahaina Luau

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For my birthday last week, we went to Hawaii. On my actual birthday, we went to a luau. My first luau ever. It was an amazing, beautiful, delicious experience. As soon as you walk through the door, you get a flower for your hair, a fresh orchid lei, and they hand you a mai tai.

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Mine was a non alcoholic drink. Still pretty! We were shown our traditional seats, and then we were free to roam the site. The stage was centered with a “moat” around it. Scattered around the moat were little stations of tiki carvings, jewelry, a place to take a sunset photo, learn how to hula, and play Hawaiian games. There was also a pit that had a pig buried underneath. Before the show starts, they tell you the history of burying a pig in the sand, why they do it, how they do it and who gets to have some.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It is open bar and a buffet so great for everyone! Then the show starts and they tell Hawaiian folklore through music and dance. In the middle of it, they asked what we were celebrating, and ask us to stand, and she personally says happy birthday to all the people standing, and then invites the couples celebrating for a special dance.

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We talked to other tourists, about other luaus, and it just seemed like this was the best pick. If we go back, which we probably will, I would want to go here again. It was a beautiful experience. Makes me wanna learn how to hula!!



Girl’s Night In

Photo by Deanna on Instagram

When my friend Deanna decided that she wanted a quiet girls night in, I decided I wanted to host it. I love having the ladies over, board games, and just girl talk. Deanna LOVES froyo, so I wanted to put together a sundae bar, complete with toppings. With the help of Michelle and Iza I think we did a pretty good job. Even number of ladies put us on two teams for board games. I had a really good night and think we should do this more often!

Photo by Deanna via Instagram
Cupcakes by Iza, Photo by Deanna via Instagram

*siiigh. always a good time with the ladies!

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