Dad’s Birthday Recap


I’m a Daddy’s girl. For the longest time, I was his little tomboy princess. Now it’s my little sister’s turn to have the crown. She’s 4.



We love him so much, that we went to his house, 2 hours away, after work during traffic, to celebrate his special day with him. And he’s lucky because it’s always crawfish season when it’s his birthday. So we do how any cajuns would do a birthday. With a crawfish boil!NP9oK9kQopZ2eovp.jpg




So he’s been 21 for over 30 years now I’m sure. But we’ll let him have it.txrDX4f8ta0RlatT.jpg

8L8eGyzs66qy2R7S.jpgSince my brother and I don’t drink anymore, he made us take shots of frosting. Disgusting. But that’s love.

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