Dad’s Birthday Recap


I’m a Daddy’s girl. For the longest time, I was his little tomboy princess. Now it’s my little sister’s turn to have the crown. She’s 4.



We love him so much, that we went to his house, 2 hours away, after work during traffic, to celebrate his special day with him. And he’s lucky because it’s always crawfish season when it’s his birthday. So we do how any cajuns would do a birthday. With a crawfish boil!NP9oK9kQopZ2eovp.jpg




So he’s been 21 for over 30 years now I’m sure. But we’ll let him have it.txrDX4f8ta0RlatT.jpg

8L8eGyzs66qy2R7S.jpgSince my brother and I don’t drink anymore, he made us take shots of frosting. Disgusting. But that’s love.

Crawfish Pistolettes

Who doesn’t love food, stuffed into another food? In this case, I am talking about rolls, stuffed with Cajun goodness. In it we have the Cajun mirepoix, the holy trinity, celery, onions and green bell pepper. Along with crawfish, and jalapeno velveeta. OOH. I’m hungry.

4BB1JbJB8KZ5FfjQ.jpgSince I am no longer in Louisiana, and it’s not always crawfish season, I have to start off frozen. Interesting that has Louisiana written all over it…but it’s a product of China. Womp! I get these in the frozen seafood section of Wal-Mart.

2op9FqJcjIZfxl2A.jpgStart up with the “holy trinity” of Cajun cooking. I wish you can smell it. I can smell it as I write this.

l05tG7rRITizETrh.jpgAdd cream of mushroom, jalapeno velveeta, hot sauce, and seasonings.

tFWQakLMtWYY12zU.jpgThen the main attraction, and stir until warmed all the way through, and bubbling a little. Remove from heat, and set it aside to cool a little.

IinZXrw5ef40LTw1.jpgHollow out the rolls, but keep the tops matched up, because we are putting these babies back together!

LGT40AXVMcBsi1MY.jpgStuff it.

8NN9zJ88Zvg5boze.jpgPut them back together, and brush melted butter on it. Bake, and ENJOY.

I used this recipe as a basis, but of course I made it my own. Because that’s how I roll. Especially when it comes to rolls. GET IT? HAHA.

Hot & Juicy Crawfish

How have I not written about this place before? I’ve gone here a couple times already, to quickly satiate my cravings for crawfish, when my brother can’t whip me up a pot “real quick”. Out of the two places in the area that I’ve been to for crawfish, this place is only second best to my family’s boil.

I took my little there for her birthday the other weekend. It was her first time EVER having crawfish. But being the adventurous eater she is, she opened them like a pro. She even sucked the head for the sweet brains, and loved it. I was a super proud big. They also have crab legs, clams, blue crabs, oysters, calamari…basically its a down and dirty seafood joint.

They take their spices really seriously there, so their “mild” is spicy enough for me. So tread carefully when you are ordering your spice levels. My favorite is their Juicy Cajun flavor for the crawfish. Since it’s not like Ai Toy’s crawfish, I have to dip the meat back in the sauce…but at least it doesn’t taste like pond water!

Crawfish Season

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Yaaay crawfish season is in full effect. This makes my heart and tummy happy. I love when my family gets together over a big pot and 40lbs of fresh Louisiana Crawfish!

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And I don’t think that I am biased when I say that my big brother makes the BEST crawfish boils EVER. EVER. I’ve eaten at the places around here, and I am SO glad that he and his family moved closer to me and my little brother.

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He puts a lot of love and good ol’ Louisianan know-how in his boil. I literally cannot be satisfied with any crawfish on this coast if it isn’t made by him.

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What are you looking forward to as the water warms up?!

Chasin’ Tails, Arlington


For one of Deanna’s birthday festivities, we decided to try Chasin’ Tails Seafood and Bar. I’ve been to Hot N’ Juicy a couple of times, and I guess there’s enough interest around here for them to open up another crawfish joint.

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It’s really nice inside for a down and dirty seafood joint. But I guess there are some standards for the area! New Orleans street signs and fun pictures of crawfish and sayings decorated the walls. They even have a watering hole in the back with hand washing stations. They have a good selection of beers (I say this because they carry Abita beers, my favorite being purple haze). I ordered a pound of clams in garlic butter, and a pound of crawfish in original cajun medium spicy. Oh yeah, and their whole shebang wings. No plates, no silverware, just a bag of your food.

The Breakdown:
Please remember that my family is from Louisiana, and crawfish boils are our thing, so it is very hard for me to EVER find quality crawfish boiled at restaurants. The only other place I’ve had it (other than in Louisiana) in a restaurant here is Hot N Juicy so it will be hard not to compare. Anyways the clams were good. They serve short neck clams there. The wings were also good, if you like garlic. I don’t like it THAT much so I only had like two wings and tapped out.
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And now to the crawfish.

The seasoning was decent…in the bag. But in actuality, it failed. The crawfish itself, tasted like pondwater and there was nothing to save it. I understand that its not crawfish season, and when I commented on this with the waiter…he tried to play me for a fool. “We get it from a special place where they send em live all year”. No, that isn’t possible right? The mud has to be a certain temperature…crawfish season is March-June. Unless they have some indoor lab making this all happen. But the service was amazing and I like the atmosphere. I might go again for the clams and crablegs, but I wouldn’t say this is going to be my new favorite spot.

Beignets get the job done. A little too bready for my taste, but hey if we want Cafe du Monde beignets we should go there right?

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Either way it was a good time with good people. Happy Birthday D!

Louisiana in Virginia: CRAWFISH

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Since my oldest brother and my dad moved up to Virginia, I haven’t been “home” to Baton Rouge in a long time. (But I’ll be going to New Orleans with the ladies soon!) My favorite thing about Louisiana is FOOD. All the holidays I spent there were.. Thanksgiving (food!) and Memorial day weekends (prime crawfish time) were based on food. Last year, I had an independence day weekend crawfish boil at Vitya’s house. And it was awesome! Grilling, boiling and just getting down and dirty with food and friends. There were also cigars and red wine for those that chose to partake. Pure summer bliss. In preparation of making that an annual thing, my brother ordered a real Louisiana crawfish pot and gas tank and this weekend I sent 30lbs of live crawifish to his house to do a trial run. OMG. YES. This is pretty much how it went down, in pictures :

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Live Crawfish

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Butter and secret ingredient that makes it burn your mouth but not your butt.

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Never enough butter in southern cooking.

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Stir enthusiastically.

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Ugggh. The weather has been cold and yucky this week, which is a shock from that nice warm weather we were having before. I can’t wait until its steady with the warm temps and have cookouts and boils EVERY weekend.