Surprise! You’re In A New Decade


I really thought nothing too special was going to happen for my 30th birthday. I didn’t plan to have a party. I didn’t have dinner plans with many friends. I thought I was just going to have a spa day, and then maybe a dinner that my husband plans with my girl friends. Quiet and calm.

I was having an internally emotional day Friday. I was going to be 30th, only 19 years younger than my mom when she died. Soon I will age past my mom (ideally). And I guess it was just a morbid thought I had. I was born at 1:44pm. My mom always texted or called me (pre-texting) to tell me happy birthday, not first thing in the morning like my dad and brother did. It was kind of our special thing, because that’s when I was really hers.

Since my mom passed, my husband has always been the one to send that text. He got super busy at work and missed it. I was sad, but I didn’t hold it against him. He came home and wished me happy birthday on California time :D. We had a beautiful dinner at our favorite, romantic restaurant, Bistro Cacao.


Saturday morning, my friend treated me to a chocolate facial at the spa, and then lunch. Then she was super adamant about getting me dolled up at her place…before her husband dropped me off at home. Wut. I’m just going home I don’t need to put on my face or do my hair. But she convinced me, saying we need to continue our day of beauty…right down to her helping me wash my hair at her place (I was looking a little too greasy I guess). Good thing I did. Because when I walked through the door, my husband was laying on the floor like this…


And the house was decorated with a tropical/Hawaiian theme. But everyone was still hidden, and no one yelled surprise at first. So I was just confused. Finally my niece jumps out from under the table and everyone came out of hiding. Husband put a lei on me and tied a grass skirt. I looked harder and saw that there were ninja turtles scattered about as well. A tropical TMNT themed 30th party. They know me so well.


Not only that, but my Ride or Die and her Fiance passed down the Hulk hands, and I too  got to HULK SMASH a cake for my 30th.

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Thank you to everyone that helped, attended, and made it a memorable 30th.

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