Virtue Feed & Grain

Another year older for my ride or die chick Vitya. Due to a long day, and bad allergies, we had to opt out of friday night shenanigans. To make it up to her the OG CFFs (couple friends forever, yes its a real thing) took her to Virtue Feed & Grain. We got in right on time. The chefs were leaving the establishment, and we had one final chance to taste the amazing food before they got new chefs.

Duck LEG confit. Duck anything confit. I love. I ordered. It was perfect. OH and the steak. I had to trade plates half way through my duck, because I wanted to fill the rest of my tummy with steak. The chef brought out ALL the desserts to our table in celebration of her birthday, so we got to try a little bit of everything. Thanks to Killa DEE and her knowing the chef 😉

It was great, and I am nervous about the chef change, but I wish them the best!

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  1. I’m digging your EatGoodFood tour blog posts, and I’m very glad that you got to experience Virtue food before it mainstreamed to sliders. I love me some Chef Craig, Chef Ryan, and Chef Margaret. What else did you get, what else did you get?

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