Mulled Wine

I’ve heard of this before, but never tried it. Had no idea what was in it. Just knew that it was a warm holiday drink. Since the holidays are in full swing, I figured…why not?! Armed with my slow cooker cookbook, I tried to find a recipe that sounded good. (I like to do food math in my head before actually trying the recipe…like tasting it in my mind). After I found the similarities in all, I decided to just wing it and hope for the best.

It worked.

I took half a cup of sugarĀ dissolvedĀ in a cup and a half of boiling water, threw in 3 cloves, and cinnamon sticks, slices of oranges and ginger. Then in a crockpot, I poured in a bottle of pinot noir, some cran/pomegranate juice and the mixture I made on the stove. Heated on low for 2 hours and added a fresh orange to each of the mugs before serving. It was YUMMY. I tasted it after an hour and was like.. crap this tastes like Robitussin. But after more time it was deeeelicious ;D

What warm drinks are you serving this season?

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