Adventures in Real Estate Pt. 3: Finding the Dream Home

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So we did it! I found a place that had the lay out I liked, and just needed some things changed here and there. I wanted granite counters, all new appliances, I would have had to change out the carpet, get a digital thermostat, and changed the lighting in the kitchen. Now I just need to write a check and tell them my offering price and see if they accept. I was so nervous, I never wrote out a check for that much before. I started crying, poor Steve has to deal with me and the awkwardness that might have been.

My mom was there when I first signed the lease to my first no roommate, one bedroom apartment. She has always instilled independence and self sufficiency in me since I was born, pretty much. She always wanted to make sure I could take really good care of myself so that I would never had to depend on anyone else and feel trapped. She was very proud that after college I decided to live alone. She was very adamant of being there to hold my hand while I signed.

Now here I am, making an offer on a home that I would live in, and own, and she isn’t here for me to seek advice, giggle with or make plans about. Taking this huge step deeper into “adulthood” and another reminder that she is physically gone. I’m a mess even as I write this. But I did it. I wrote the check and made the offer, tears and all.


The next day Steve calls. They countered my offer. More than I was willing to pay for a place that needed the changes to make it the place I would enjoy living in. My heart sunk, and I said no and had to find a new place.

Later that day, while searching in the same neighborhood, because I wasn’t ready to let go of that layout, I found another condo, price reduced. I checked it out. All new stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, hardwood floors in foyer and kitchen, completely redone bathrooms, updated in ceiling lights with dimmer, DIGITAL THERMOSTAT…and granite counters. For waaay less than I offered the other place. Too good to be true? Too good to wait on. I sent the listing to Steve…and he met me there at 8pm.


I walked in and gasped. The words,”I love it,” escaped my lips as I ran around to the other rooms and up to the loft to check everything. It was exactly what I would have changed to at the previous place. I WANT IT. Steve says ok, and he calls the seller. RIGHT THERE. At like 9 oclock and we go back and forth on the place a bit, (if we can get it lower, why not?!) we got the price down, and the seller verbally agreed to the new price and he’ll send the papers to sign in the morning. I wrote a new check out for the deposit and signed more papers, and I walk out of there hoping that between now and tomorrow morning the seller doesn’t realize it was a steal.

To Be Continued…


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