Adventures in Real Estate Pt. 3: Finding the Dream Home

beach house #5(Via Flickr)

So we did it! I found a place that had the lay out I liked, and just needed some things changed here and there. I wanted granite counters, all new appliances, I would have had to change out the carpet, get a digital thermostat, and changed the lighting in the kitchen. Now I just need to write a check and tell them my offering price and see if they accept. I was so nervous, I never wrote out a check for that much before. I started crying, poor Steve has to deal with me and the awkwardness that might have been. Continue reading

Adventures in Real Estate: Pt. 2 The Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Tips 1

Now that I’ve been pre-approved (see previous adventure) I started looking for places in my price range. I narrowed it down to location, kitchen and number of bathrooms. I wanted to be close enough to work, so that I could go home for lunch if I needed, but also the kitchen had to be big enough for all my endeavors (I like to challenge myself with cooking). Plus 2 bathrooms sell better than 1 or 1.5 when I feel like moving again (a long time from now). Continue reading