Adventures in Real Estate: Pt. 2 The Real Estate Broker

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Now that I’ve been pre-approved (see previous adventure) I started looking for places in my price range. I narrowed it down to location, kitchen and number of bathrooms. I wanted to be close enough to work, so that I could go home for lunch if I needed, but also the kitchen had to be big enough for all my endeavors (I like to challenge myself with cooking). Plus 2 bathrooms sell better than 1 or 1.5 when I feel like moving again (a long time from now).After I made that list, I sent it to my realtor, Steve Campot. In addition to my list, he also added properties I might like. Did you know there is a difference between a buyer’s realtor and a seller’s realtor? As a buyer, make sure to get yourself a buyer’s realtor, they look out for/represent you and handle everything with the seller realtor, because frankly…unless you are a realtor too, we don’t usually know what we are getting ourselves into, especially me, a first time buyer.

There is also a difference between having an agent, versus a broker. What’s the difference you ask? Well from my understanding,  in order to become a broker VA you must be an agent for 3 years and work under a broker’s supervision.  After three years you can study and if you can pass a detailed test you can become a broker. Brokers are required to have three times the education as agents.  Agents can not represent anyone.  The brokers they work for represent buyers and sellers.  Most brokers manage large groups of agents and don’t actually help the clients directly.

Steve is a broker and became one because he wanted his clients to know they are represented by someone that has a higher skill set then most agents. And working with Steve, you can clearly tell that he knows what he’s doing. I felt like I could trust him to put me first in all situations, which he did. This guy showed me a place the same day I inquired about it, on a weekday, after work. Now that’s dedication. I almost didn’t wanna go  because I was tired but since he was willing to drive all the way out to me, I sucked it up and met him there. Which was great, because I fell in love with the place, and made the offer right then and there (more on that later). He’s very proactive and gets things done. I felt very secure in his hands.

If you’d like to contact Steve and have him as your real estate broker too check him out at

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