Mardi Gras 2015

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Mardi Gras!!! Was yesterday… Which means today is ash wednesday. I’m not catholic, but the only reason I know these things is because one of my favorite holidays is Fat Tuesday. We celebrated this weekend with friends. I usually hide a baby in the cake and give out prizes buuuuuut, since there’s a baby in ME, we decided to use this gathering as a way to announce the sex of our baby!


Qo6tsGQFd3dYBQyI.jpgAnd it is a GIRL! A Mini Miemo!


Mardi Gras 2012

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It’s FAT TUESDAY! I celebrated it this weekend with my friends and family and we had a blast! We had gumbo, etouffee, crawpuppies, hurricanes, bourbon slushies, and lots of love. Dinner tonight at the Cajun Experience. Photo Album from this weekend will be up on my facebook!

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Sorry about the quick photo album blurb, I wanted to get  pictures up on the day of. As you can probably tell, it was a lot of fun! I spent the night before baking cupcakes from Cupcake Rehab’s recipe and birthday cupcakes for my niece. I also spent almost an hour making a roux for the gumbo the night before.

The next morning it was time to frost all the cupcakes, make the crawpuppy batter, chop up green onions, celery, onions and more for the gumbo and etouffee. I’ve stressed myself out before trying to make sure there was enough food for everyone at my previous parties, but this time around, I put a first come first close disclosure on the evite. There was food, cocktails and fun for the night.

My oldest brother decided that we needed a real witch doctor for the party, so he and his wife made a costume, and I painted his face. The guests could take polaroids taken with him in front of the laugh now cry later cut out. We had plenty of beads, hats and kazoos, not to mention prizes for the golden baby.

I am not a fan of the traditional King Cake, but luckily my favorite baker Marilla had a cupcake form for me to try out…they were awesome. Everyone loved it. I had huge golden babies to put inside. Except instead of being in charge of planning the next party, or king for the day, they got to choose from silly prizes. I love being able to share the spirit of Louisiana with my friends and had a GREAT TIME. I can’t wait for my annual crawfish boil, location TBD.

What did you do for mardi gras?

Mulled Wine

I’ve heard of this before, but never tried it. Had no idea what was in it. Just knew that it was a warm holiday drink. Since the holidays are in full swing, I figured…why not?! Armed with my slow cooker cookbook, I tried to find a recipe that sounded good. (I like to do food math in my head before actually trying the recipe…like tasting it in my mind). After I found the similarities in all, I decided to just wing it and hope for the best. Continue reading

Miemo’s First Tree!


Yaaay! My first Christmas tree, my first Christmas in my first new home. There are a lot of new positive things in my life, to move me forward from my loss. I get excited to go home, turn off the lights and hang out in my home with the lit tree. Too much? Oh well.  Continue reading