21c Hotel & Museum: Louisville, KY


While we were walking around in the city, my grandma bladder was telling me that we should stop for a potty break. As soon as I mentioned it to Josh and Tyann, they told me to hold it, because the bathroom they were going to take me to, was going to be worth the wait. Wait, what?C4nN48V6vkr1tkro.jpgwwDQoixyvtDD1j8T.jpgApa2qO0Bh4vjvuDQ.jpg

They took us to the 21c Hotel and modern art museum. Yep. A museum that you can stay at. It was filled with lots of cool modern stuff. So the bathroom. For the guys bathroom, there is a two way glass in front of the urinals. While on the outside you cannot see inside at all. But on the inside, it feels like you are peeing on display for everyone to walk by and see. Josh told us it was very hard to pee with us standing in front of him making inappropriate gestures and faces. The women’s bathroom wasn’t as fun.Rod6knhiEd2NT2PO.jpg

These penguins are also on the roof of the hotel. He became our new bff.o2nUXA6vFmP5EVyB.jpg

There’s an installation about the Chinese Zodiac, and the origins of the order and the animals. I never knew there was an actual purpose. The animals are in the order that they crossed the river in the race. The rat convinced the gullible ox to carry him across the river, then jumped off winning the race. What a rat. I am an ox. That is my ox face.STWYfTB9JbsLG6OW.jpg

Vitya is a tiger…I don’t know why this creature has cheetah spots.Go0VBt8t3ZL9FoVq.jpg

A tornado installation. Made up of things that would get swept away in a real tornado. I see what you did there.18dvUAwTybYbWYCA.jpgI wanted to give you a new view.

The museum was filled with really cool stuff and everything interested me, at least. But really…the bathrooms were the main event. Ha!

21C Museum Hotel
700 West Main Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Queen’s Ink Art Classes

In case you didn’t know, I’m a graphic designer. People automatically assume graphic designers are creative. As the industry evolved into a more computer based design…I feel like graphic designers lose their sense of pure creativity. At least I have. We take other people’s work and compose them into an aesthetically pleasing piece. That is our main job.

Doing this all day every day, plus cooking, eating, traveling and blogging I don’t really get to just PLAY with art, and be creative. So my friend Marty, who is also my mentor, and a graphic designer her whole career suggested we go to Queen’s Ink and take an Artful ABC’s class.

Yes, its a lettering class, but no it is not calligraphy. The class teaches you 26 techniques in using your OWN handwriting as a way to uniquely handletter things, whether it be a poster, a card, or just doodles!

Our instructor for this class was the fun Joanne Sharpe. She is full of energy and fun stories. It was a long 6 hours, but Joanne adapts her pace to the pace of the class. I liked that it was a small class, about 24 “old kids”, as she liked to call us (not old ladies). The personal attention was definitely helpful.

Nope. This isn’t mine. But its a good example of what we did in class.

We learned how to use different kinds of alcohol markers, dye based markers, and watercolors. This is also a store, which is very dangerous. They’ve got loads of unique stamps, and all the accoutrement to go with it. PLUS a bunch of other art supplies too.

Patti, the queen herself, was there. She is sweet and friendly and makes everyone feel like they’ve been friends and are welcome in her “queendom”. I would love to go back and take another art class!