The “Cronut”

By now, you've probably heard about how crazy people are getting about a doughnut made out of croissant dough. Vina sent me the bat signal one sunny Saturday morning, and I was on the move. Society Fair was going to start selling “cronuts” at 9am. Limit one per customer. (I put them in quotes, because they are croissant doughnuts, not THE CRONUT as trademarked by Chef Dominique Ansel, drama.)

I got dressed, and we got there around 915am. There was about 5 left after we took our two. Yes, it was THAT serious.

My thoughts

I didn't know what to expect. I know what to expect from a doughnut (I'm addicted to Krispy Kremes) and I know what to expect (maybe too highly) from a croissant. BUT A CROissantdoughNUT what?? Mind blown. You should definitely try one out yourself if doughnuts are your thing. But not if croissants is your thing. Because this is more doughnut than croissant. Imaging deep fried flaky layers in a glaze. The layers were crisp. The flavor gave you that comforting doughnut feel.

I liked it a lot, it was good. But like with all the hyped things in this world, I am usually skeptical at first. I don't think I would wait in a 40 block line for it. But I know I will crave it. Just with like with Bon chon, and macarons, it took me a couple of tries because when people tell me how good something is, I think it makes me more disappointed. I'm expecting it to be as good as riding a unicorn through the clouds and jumping rainbows.

I would definitely still eat it if it was readily available! Great job Society Fair!