DogVacay and Movember

So I’ve already told about Bawse still goes to his daycare through them every week! He loves Kelly, and they love him. It’s a great break for him in the middle of the week. Well this month is “movember” and I wanted to share this funny picture of Bawse and I. Him being my mustache of course.

In celebration of this month DogVacay¬†asked me to spotlight Bawse! For those of you who don’t already know. Bawse is an 11 month old American Pitbull Terrier. He is a blue brindle color with a heart of gold. He’s mischievous, silly, curious and listens… for the most part. He is our fur child and we wouldn’t have it any other way! He’s completed all 3 levels of training at Petsmart, and is potty and crate trained. He loves his marrow bones, and squeaky balls. We are still working on how excited he gets when people walk through the door, but give him some time, and he’ll get it. He also loves to share his toys with you, so please expect him to try to hand you a ball as soon as you walk through the door. If you let him he will attack you with kisses and won’t stop until you’re face is raw, so don’t say yes if you don’t mean it!

How’s that for a dating profile on my pup huh?

DogVacay Review

Wow. Why haven't I heard about this site before? Thanks Michelle for letting me know!

Basically I needed a last minute daycare for Bawse because we had a charity event that we were hosting. Everyone we knew was busy, or going, and his normal daycare was booked. My friend via twitter told me about This site is awesome. All their caretakers are screened prior to becoming hosts. You can see the place your pup will stay, as well as profiles of other dogs that live in that home. It's cage free boarding, and your pet is supervised and loved on 24/7. You even get photos and updates via text.

Did I mention it's 24/7 support, free pet insurance and money back guarantee? Because that's pretty much why I was willing to try. It was basically no risk! Except for the fact that Bawse is you know…a pitbull. I knew that some people would be wary, so I messaged people personally to see if they would even consider housing a pitbull in their house, with their kids with their dog. Two had positive responses, and one lady who was like “well, since he's still a puppy he should be okay, but we can have a meet and greet then decide”. Yeah I decided not to go to her.

Bawse did a meet and greet with Kelly W. She has two little boys under the age of 5. Bawse and the kids got along great. We let him go to daycare there once, and plan on letting him go there at least once a week. He was SO exhausted from running and playing and loving on the boys that as soon as we picked him up, he passed out in the car.

He went straight to his crate on his own and passed out with the door open until the next morning! Definitely check out the site if you need a last minute pet sitter!