Yelp’s Jet Set Fete


In the 3 years that I have started this blog, I’ve been invited to many, many great food events. From huge events filled with local restaurants, to private charity events, to soft openings of new restaurants this little blog has tasted a lot. And I am so thankful for the opportunities to eat, meet and engage with awesome food enthused people!


Last night I attended Yelp’s Jet Set Fete, which was an event to benefit the DC Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing hunger with recycled food, training unemployed adults for culinary careers, serving healthy school meals, and rebuilding urban food systems through social enterprise.


The theme of the event was retro-chic vintage, exotic travel. It had cultural demonstrations from China, Japan and Indonesia to name a few. That combined with a plethora of food and drinks from local vendors, I forget that I am there for a good cause and just there for a good time!


Aside from the food, music, and flowing drinks, there was something for everyone. If you wanted a more mellow night, the other side included, painting, manicures, massages, and tarot card readings.


I definitely recommend any yelp events that YelpDC hosts. Its a guaranteed good time!



Trombone Shorty @ 930 Club

Trombone Shorty
(via flickr)

Last week I had the pleasure of getting my awkward sway on to the musical stylings of Trombone Shorty at 930 Club. A much needed break from all the moving and unpacking and working. I had a great time, the jazz crowd was mostly older manther/cougars who were mellow. Since I give myself a two drink limit during the week, I did get annoyed at drunk smelly early 20s girls who pushed pass me without saying excuse me. Then they stop right in front of me and start dancing off beat. Those of you that know me, know I have an XL space bubble and I had to move because I was too sober to put up with their drunken stupor.

Other than that I had a lot of fun and appreciated the break. Also, it made me miss New Orleans, which means I need to attend Jazz fest to see him perform there…but I hate large crowds. What a predicament!