Blue Apron

The hardest thing to think about during my work week is always, what’s for dinner. You spend all day at work, sometimes you don’t pre-plan your meals and you just want to eat. Then you go down the hole of eating out always. I think that is where 20-30 year olds spend their money.

Well, as someone who is 8 months pregnant and has no energy after a full work day, let alone enough strength to stand in the kitchen, I fall into that hole. Lucky for me, my husband cooks as well. He mentioned that his coworker who is also a new parent uses Blue Apron, and thought we should give it a try. This eliminates: 1. food waste because they give you just enough to make your dishes, 2. grocery shopping because they send you the main ingredients and 3. figuring out what to eat because they send you 3 meals, you just pick what day you want to cook what.


They send you a box with ingredients and recipe cards for 3 meals. They’ve got like 3 ice packs in there and it should be good until you get home. But refrigerate right away! Our first week’s subscription landed on Cinco de Mayo, so they sent Mexican food for that week. Fish Tacos, Mole Chicken Quesadillas, and Pozole.


I loved how everything was packaged. I felt like we were getting a Chopped basket…except without the challenge! The fish tacos were sooo delicious and full of flavor. I was definitely impressed.


If you aren’t that great of a chef, fret not. The recipes are simple enough, and it will help you sharpen your skills. The challenge for me, is forcing myself to eat what is there and try new things. Surprisingly enough, I’m a picky eater. Well maybe not picky, but particular. I never had a raw golden beat before.  Nor do I like raw onions and shallots. But I went ahead and ate everything in front of me.


I like that they only offer 3 meals. I think it is the perfect amount, because maybe you have leftovers Monday, and want to go out Friday! The produce that comes in looks fresh and healthy, which is more than I can say about produce found in our local grocery stores. Overall I am happy with this service. This will come in handy when we’ve got a new born in the house as well!

Meal Planning

I love cooking. But if it’s during the week, it is usually sporadic. Veggies go bad if I try to plan ahead too much. I’m going to give it another go and try to plan it out, and cook it on Sundays, and make SMALLER quantities. I have the bad habit of cooking for a football team, but it only being us two in the house!

I thought this picture was pretty cute, but because I come home for lunch and eat dinner at home, there isn’t really a need for me to pack bentos. This first week the meals are as follows…

We didn’t eat out a single meal this week! I and I didn’t randomly cook a huge meal that I got sick of eating, or gone to waste. We saved, literally, hundreds of dollars. My food budget was pretty large, because hey, I love to eat, and that’s where all my money goes, and I was okay with that!

The honey and I are taking turns planning the meals for the week, so the next one is his. I’m excited to see what he comes up with! I am leaving the weekends open for splurging and eating what we want 😀