The Thurman Cafe


I think by now you are familiar with my burger obsession. This is not great for my waist. But great for my belly. In addition to that list, I’ve added Smashburger. On a recent trip to Columbus, Ohio, I of course had to stop at The Thurman Cafe.

This place was featured on Man vs. Food. No I didn’t try the Thurmanator. The regular bacon burger was more than enough for me. This burger weighs in at 3/4 lb. Stacked with a plethora of bacon and mozzarella cheese. Served with a side of chips and a pickle spear. I was there for the holidays, so I downed it with Great Lakes Christmas Ale, ON TAP!

The verdict:
It was full of flavor, and the patty is huge so it was definitely juicy, but maybe a little too juicy. My bottom bun was completely soggy and I continued eating my burger with only the top bun. Me personally, I like a good bun to meat ratio, so that killed me. I think the Travel Channel gave it the hype it needed, but I don’t think I’d wait in line for it again.

Pistacia Vera

Why am I so obsessed with macarons? Is it because of the pretty colors? Or the gently sweet bite sized delight it delivers? They’ve been around forever and I am just now obsessing. I know, I am always late. Well, when I was in Columbus, Ohio I decided to see how the midwest does macarons.

Pistacia Vera calls themselves a dessert boutique. I agree. A cute little shop set in German Village, with tall windows, this place gets a little busy on the weekends. The staff is super friendly and very helpful. It gets a little tight in there but once you settle in its a nice place to hang out.


There is something for everyone, with plenty of hot and cold drinks to choose from, as well as a brunch menu and a long list of desserts to choose from. But lets talk about the macarons.

Yes they are different in the midwest. Or at least here. Their flavors include: yuzu pink guava, maple walnut, mocha hazelnut, gingerbread (seasonal) passionfruit, black raspberry, buckeye, chocolate cherry cordial, caramel pecan, coconut creme, pistachio, and peppermint chocolate.

As you can see, to my dismay, they don’t have the “classic” flavors I adore other than pistachio (which was awesome by the way). They do have a lot of unique flavors and colors which I admire. Pink guava was fun. The chocolate cherry cordial really tasted like one… too bad I don’t like those in their real form. Of course you can’t be in Columbus and not have a buckeye anything.

Over all they were REALLY good. They are more creamy in the middle because they use a buttercream filling instead of the classic jams. They are a lot more fluffy and chewy in the middle than the ones at home, but that again, goes to preference and I like both. Glad I can go visit Columbus and not miss out on my favorite dessert 😀