A Cambodian Engagement


As you might know, a LOT of my friends are getting married around the same time. And my ride or die chick is one of them. After a surprise proposal in Cambodian, she had her traditional Cambodian engagement ceremony this past weekend, complete with lots of family working hard to put together the event.


It started off with preparations all week.





Then when the big day came, everyone had to get dolled up and things set up. There is a big march to the house, and the groom tells the family why he’s there.


It was pretty cute actually. The story goes, he was walking by the house, and he saw their beautiful daughter and wants to make her his wife. He brings gifts/bribes to get the family of the bride to say yes.


They come to an agreement, and the goods (aka the bride) gets brought out for “inspection”. Haha. Okay maybe I’m making it too casual, but this is how it played out in my mind.


BUT THERE’s a TWIST. The family of the bride decides that, no shes worth more than that. Their daughter is a wonderful magical princess and isn’t easily bought. SOOOO. The groom had to write a check. They finally were like, yeah, okay. We’ll let her go.




Then the engagement is official and we party all night long! And eat! Please note, that this was all in Cambodian, and I didn’t understand a lot of what was going on, so I pretty much made it up.


Lao culture is very similar, except we don’t have an engagement ceremony. You pretty much get married when proposed to!


Seeing this made me so happy. It’s real life. They’ve been together and known each other for more years than there are on my hands. I can’t wait til we all have babies and they can share the friendship that we have.

Mardi Gras/Birthday

Thank you so much to everyone who came to my birthday party, mardi gras celebration. Every year it gets better and better and I’m so happy to share it with them. n0azaBMReVKtGwAA.jpg


This cake was the best cake ever. My friend Tiffany was in charge, and I told her to make whatever she wanted, as long as I got to blow out candles. She went above and beyond what normal friends would do if you asked a friend to make you a cake. SHE MADE ME AN ICE CREAM CAKE.LMKbjyrc9a1E6WiJ.jpg

No this wasn’t your normal chocolate vanilla ice cream cake. She made a red bean and green tea ice cream cake, with a fluffy chiffon cake. YUM. I almost didn’t have any cake leftover, it was such a hit! (Tiffany managed to hide a piece in the freezer for me, for later).

I have the best friends, fiance and family. So happy to have lived another year!


Summer Iced Tea Bar

I love iced drinks, with lots of ice. For a bridal shower, I set up an iced tea bar. It was such a hit at the party that I’ve decided to share!


To start I had 3 different types of teas in fun glass gallon bottles. I brewed a ginger peach, and matcha green tea with mango and passionfruit. On the table I set out berries, herbs and citrus. And provided two types of sweetners, raw cane sugar and agave! Guests got to mix and match their teas, sugars, fruits and herbs and create their own fun summer drink! I loved this idea and hope to use it again.