Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break! I know I did. I love being surrounded by family and friends. I usually see them, but around the holidays it makes it more special because then our out of towners come in and its all warm and fuzzy!

I've been super busy making macarons and decorating holiday boxes. I've had such great feedback that I can no longer take orders for the holiday boxes! But if you missed out, I will be selling at Yelp's Total Bazaar Holiday Market at Monroe Street Market. December 14th, from 12-4!


Update: Itchies

So I was in Florida last week. I had an amazing time, but I'm itchy. Really itchy. Bites, all over my body. We went to Cape Canaveral beach, and got eaten alive by sand midges. Sand Gnats. Whatever you want to call it, those suckers, bite. They itch worse than mosquito bites, and last longer. I am miserable. ALSO. You might have noticed that all my old recipes that were written in the blog are gone. WOMP. Because I had a plug in fail, and now they are lost forever. Its okay, I think its time to redo all those old ones anyways. You all need a refresher right?