Beach Bully BBQ

bMeurnLHTvjYzLxN.jpgSay that three times fast. Okay, that didn’t do anything. Anywaaays. After a traffic filled trip on 95 South trying to get to Virginia Beach, the honey and I needed to get lunch. We wanted to stay fairly close to the convention center, so we chose to go to Beach Bully BBQ. I always, want ribs.

We opted for the Queen Platter, which is a rack of ribs, and two choices of sides. We went for their version of baked beans, and potato salad. 6DDi3ZnbYCbvlaRh.jpg

Verdict? I’d come again. Very straight forward, tastes good, and quick! There weren’t many people there, for a Friday during lunch. The potato salad, has dill in it, which isn’t what I am used to, and I’d pass on that if we were to go there again. But the beans and the ribs in general were good. Fall of the bone tender, and their bbq sauce wasn’t that bad. Is it something I will crave and have to have again? Probably not. But if I am in the area, and want ribs, this will do.

Springfest 2014


The first car show of the season! The honey and I headed off to Virginia Beach in two separate cars. He is part of the indoor showing of cars, so he has to park his car there early. Having the extra car is helpful for our weekend, while his car is tied up.




Traffic on 95 south is always bad. But we made it at a decent time!


We checked in our hotel, had some delicious cookies. I LOVE these cookies. I probably had 4 cookies a day. This is why I will never be able to get on a strict healthy diet. *shakes fist.


We then took his car over to the convention center and got it ready for the show the next day.vzDWQSedJR9Iqi8T.png The event showed 50 cars indoors, and 750 cars in their outer lot. There were so many types of cars there, VIP styles, stanced, classics, brand new baller cars and fun cars with their own themes like…all pink, zombie apocalypse, and other crazy customizations.o13Mp1FSaDDM7KV1.jpgWLwXmbSpmzaGJQ0U.jpgSkALsPkFXDRPw1ZD.jpgUbxJA3KdTdaIXg0u.jpgRaXTcqOjHEOtQIy9.jpg

Next big show, Boxerfest!