Rustic Homemade Pizza

I don’t even really know what to call this pizza…aside from delicious. I say rustic because it doesn’t have that perfect pizza look. BUT IT IS SO GOOD. Best part? I’m pretty sure it’s good for you. Not sure…but pretty sure.

I roll out Trader Joe’s pizza dough…because well, I’m not ready to make my own yet.

Grab whatever ingredients you want on it. But I always have, black olives, mushrooms, arugula, prosciutto, mozzarella and parmigiana as staples, the rest is up to you, grilled artichoke, tomatoes, etc.

Brown/cook the dough first.

Heat up olive oil that has salt, pepper, italian seasonings and fresh garlic in it.

Rub it down.

Then top the pizza, and pop it back in your hot oven for a couple minutes more (melt the cheese), cut it up in funny pizzas.. and ENJOY!!! <3

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