Brunch: Fireflies in Del Ray

YES! I found a brunch place who’s eggs benedict doesn’t taste like vinegar. HAPPY FACE. However, they don’t have a classic benedict, and I don’t like the texture of prosciutto (under eggs, I enjoy duck prosciutto and regular prosciutto atop my rustic pizza). But all in all the food was delicious. And the service was awesome. They have outdoor seating and Del Ray is just a cute neighborhood to be in! I will definitely want to go back to Fireflies again for brunch, to try out other things, since their eggs benedict did so well. OH and I want more belgian waffles. NOM NOM.

However, brunch hopping I will go, because food makes me happy! Any more brunch suggestions? I will be going back to Birch and Barley this weekend. So excited!

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  1. I like the brunch they offer at Artie’s and at EatBar. Artie’s is nice since it’s part of the Great American Restaurants. From what I can remember, their French toast was delicious. I really love the brunch at EatBar in Arlington. The smoke salmon appetizer is yummy and I can’t choose between the shrimp & grits or the scallops with farro. Their chicken & waffles is good too :]

    1. ooh, I’ve eaten dinner at Artie’s (STEAKS STEAK STEAKS!) but never brunch! I’ll have to try it out! Thanks 😀

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