New Orleans: Girls Trip Overview

I know, I say all the time, I have the best girlfriends. Because, well…I do. Memorial Day weekend we decided to hit up New Orleans, since none of my friends have gone, and I haven’t been there in two years, since my family moved closer to me. I got there a day later than my ladies because I couldn’t take the time off work, but you can bet that I was there right after work on Friday!

A quick Snapshot of the trip:

Friday// I land, dropped off my stuff and headed straight to House of Blues to see Future ( WALAAA MAAAGIC) Then a walk to Pat O’Briens for the strongest hurricanes ever. I opted for water because I was not planning to be hungover the next day!

Saturday// Woke up and had brunch at Cafe Fleur de Lis. Huge portions, everything was DEEELICIOUS. Biscuits are amazing. AMAZING. So were the hash browns. They’re cajun so if you can’t do spice, this might kick you too hard.

Then we got picked up to go on our air boat swamp adventure. This is going to have to get it’s own post. It was SO FUN.

After that we got cleaned up, and went out for dinner. Waited over an hour in line to eat at Acme’s Oyster House. I’ve been there before it was televised and was happy with their food. But this time around, greatly disappointed. I’ll detail it later.

Then live entertainment for the night? The drag show at Tubby’s Golden Lantern. We met a couple of fabulous divas and enjoyed an entertaining show filled with gorgeous women..with balls.

Sunday// Woke up, feet hurt and just tired from being up late and walking all over we grabbed some Mickey D’s for a quick breakfast. Stopped for a foot rub. Then headed to the French Quarter for market shopping, snow cones, gator jerky, and of course no NOLA trip is complete without a trip to Cafe du Monde for iced cafe au lait and fresh hot beignets.

Headed back to the hotel on foot, got cleaned up and made our plans for the evening. We were done with cajun food and just wanted something YUMMY to eat and decided to eat at Ginger Lime, a modern sushi bar, which was by far a good choice.

Deanna and Scooby missed their ghost tour (more on that drama later), and headed to the casino for the night. Me and Vitya headed to a metal show at Siberia in St.Claudes. My first metal show, in a super sketchy part of town. We came back safe and I was barely bruised from getting thrown during some moshing and headbanging.

All in all, a super fun trip, and I look forward to yearly girls trip after the success of this one! Hope everyone isĀ re-calibratedĀ and ready to get back to the daily grind!

Stay tuned for break out posts about new orleans!

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