JB’s Kitchen in Wailuku


No eating adventure is complete without finding a mom and pop, hole in the wall place. We opted for a Korean place in Wailuku, on our way to Iao Valley. Set in a bustling city area (compared to the outer circle of the island) theres a tiny parking lot in an iffy looking area. We go into a sticky restaurant/lounge…and saw it in the daylight. Not pretty.

Aesthetics aside, the server was super friendly and playful. Never expect quick and speedy service like in the mainland. No one is in a hurry in Hawaii…no one. Aside from that, they got creative with it, and made a kalbi burger. The idea was good, and in general it was a good burger…but definitely didn’t taste like kalbi. However, this is something I will attempt on my own one day.


I had the chicken tonkatsu. Nom Nom. It was pretty good, cheap and a good portion. And cheap is a big factor because food out there is definitely about 4 times as much as it is at home!

This place had all good reviews, but we weren’t hungry enough to get the full korean bbq experience!

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