The last time I went to Canada, I think I was 16. My mom and I took a road trip together, for me to learn how to read a map to get to my destination, and also for me to be comfortable driving long distances in places I don't know. This was clearly before mapquest, google maps, and apps! We went to Toronto and Niagra Falls.

This time around, the boo and I took a road trip to Ottowa. It was a much needed reunion, and a great one! I had an amazing time, full of love, laughs, food and family. I also got to peek in on their culture and learn a few fun things.

  • They have pretty colorful money
  • Their single dollar is a coin called a loonie
  • They have a two dollar coin called a toonie
  • “Eh” and how they pronounce about …is really like the movies/tv
  • They don't use pennies
  • There are higher taxes on alcohol, this makes sense because of their universal healthcare system. If you are going to drink, you are going to cost the government more, so they will tax you more!
  • They created hockey
  • Tim Horton was a hockey player… He would.

Tim Horton's is awesome. I love it. They have cookies. They have timbits, and they have XXS. What's up with all these giant smalls in America. This is why we are fat. The first thing we did when we crossed the border was drive through a Tim Horton's for some french vanilla coffee. *sigh. Other than my family, this is what I will miss the most.

The weekend consisted of eating out, bbqing, walks on the beach, catching up and photo ops with Avairy. There was happy news of engagement, and brainstorming bachelorette shenanigans. We've decided to do this every summer, so that our future children can have each other as they grow too! I can't wait to see them again next year…because clearly I can ONLY go to Canada in the summer.


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