Brewer’s Park Farmers Market

What is it about farmers markets? I love checking out all the local produce, jams, and handmade stuff. Oh, and eat at all the local vendors. It’s always fun to be outdoors and shopping. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t have been able to take anything home, so we opted for just enjoying the local eats.

For my breakfast, we shared a ham and cheese crepe from Crepe Joy. Delicious ham and cheese in a perfect crepe, with honey drizzled on it.


Then to wash it all down, I had my first Arnold Palmer. I always thought it was an alcoholic drink. Alas, I was DELICIOUSLY wrong. It’s half sweet tea mixed with lemonade. New favorite summer drink. AND, did you know that iced tea in Canada IS sweet tea. My cousins were definitely surprised when they came to the states and realized that iced tea is unsweetened unless asked for.

We originally wanted to go there for the ribfest… but getting there at noon was too late! All the cooked ribs were gone. We could have purchased already marinated ribs to take home, but where is the fun in that? Oh well!



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