2 Year Bloggiversary

Wow. I can't believe it's been two years already, since I started this blog. Two days later, after Miemonster Chronicles went live, I closed on my first home. So it's also almost 2 years since I've owned my home.

The condo is still the same, and not ready for a home tour yet. Lots to organize and decorate. Hopefully before I host Thanksgiving this year. Wish me luck harhar! But the blog has been through a lot! It's gone from not posting recipes, to actually posting some that I've put together. It's turned its focus to food, with a little bit of me here and there.

I've made lots of new blog friends, and discovered more blogs to read. I've become a lot more organized, scheduling 3 posts a week, trying to take more pictures (yet still not using my dslr, help!) and I'm encouraging my friends to blog too! I'm even contributing to othe blogs here and there!

I was thinking about doing a redesign, but you know, surprisingly, I still like the way it looks. Instead, I have decided to make it easier to print recipes by embedding links to google drive for the recipes that come out of my collection.

Thank you for those that take the time to read, comment and reach out to me through this. I love sharing this with you! Don't forget to check out From Maman with Love, for updates on my cookbook. It's currently only posting once a week, but thats better than nothing, plus you'll get to know which recipes are going into the book!


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