Sleep Cycles Part Deux

So remember when I wrote this post about waking up during your light sleep cycle so that you don’t mess up your whole day? Well I really liked waking up like that. I just made my whole day better. So to aid with that, I tested out this app called Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock.

You stick it under your sheet and through the phone’s accelerometer it measures when you are in which sleep cycle. Crazy I know. I don’t believe it either, but it gives you charts and stuff when you wake up. I tried this out for a week and here’s what I think.

I spend a lot of time in bed and I get enough sleep… Lately. This is all for the new year. If it was tracking and experimenting during the macaron rush, it would probably tell me to go to sleep more.

I do notice that I wake up maybe a minute or two, before the cycle timer makes me wake up. However I do enjoy my morning tea in the quiet. I do feel a lot more refreshed and make it through the day longer without naps and I’m pretty happy with this system of sleeping!


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