Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s day! I hope you all have a special day today, and the rest of the year of course! Every Valentine’s is “Gal”entine’s for me, because I feel like Valentine’s day is every day in my relationship (ugh, so CORNY, I know ;)) Well every year, for…I don’t know how many years now, my friend Vitya and I spend it together. Whether or not we’re in relationships, Valentine’s day is our day.

We call it Meatless Meatful (hehe, you can figure out why). And we always order meat lover’s pizza and breadsticks, or just have a meat feast. We tend to watch girly movies, and do girly things, whether it be painting each other’s nails or waxing each other’s mustaches (haha) to wearing creepy facemasks. I look forward to this every year, and even though she’s engaged now, I’m still so glad that we spend it together.

Here’s to us, my ride or die!

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