Dune: Jean-Georges Restaurant


After our engagement, we had dinner at Dune Restaurant at The One & Only Ocean Club. The restaurant was beautiful. They had a koi fish pond leading up to the door, and 3 sides of the walls were glass. There was indoor and outdoor seating, but we opted for indoors because we were still warm from that crazy walk we had earlier.


We started off with bread, and infused olive oil. You got your choice of which infusion of oil you wanted.


I chose the prosciutto wrapped pork chop over a bed of glazed mushrooms. So simple yet so delicious. The meat stayed steaming until the end. The flavor combination was perfect, well seasoned and I just ate it as is. It’s a fairly large portion, and I was sad I couldn’t finish it!

fnhOXX9YxNze9Y77.jpg(His meal)

The service was great, like all the service on the islands. We were originally sat next to the window but a large crowd of drunk and rowdy patrons came into our section. The server offered to move us to another table in the other area. We did. We were put in a crowded center table, but as soon as the window freed up, they moved us there and said, “It’s only fair right?”. Since we were at the window originally. They were very thoughtful, friendly and attentive.


If you are on Paradise Island, and looking for a fabulous semi formal place to dine, I’d definitely suggest Dune.



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