Oh Happy Day!


Yup. Legally married. Thanks for all the congratulations and love. No, don’t get salty, there was no wedding. Just our celebrant making it legal, then a dinner with my bridesmaids and his groomsmen and our friends who wanted to take us out for dinner (they weren’t even at the ceremony). Our parents weren’t even there.


We are in the works to plan a traditional Lao ceremony next year. That too will be a small backyard affair. I really don’t want to plan some giant show. Yesterday was something he did for me. I didn’t want a big wedding. I just wanted it to be me and him in that moment, saying our vows and making it official. Just our quiet moment. That was our compromise for having an additional event later.


Yes, I may have a blog, and a brand, but what you see is what I choose to share. Somethings I like to keep special for me! But stay tuned while I stress over planning a Lao Wedding! Haha. <3


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