December Already?!

My, my, my. Where has the time gone. It is already December 2014. Things have been slow around the blog, I know. But no apologies. Never any apologies. I am thankful that you guys come by and read, and share, definitely. But life is worth living! That being said, I will try to be much better about blogging.

Its been a hectic couple of months but I will try my hardest to be back. Now that I’m not as sickly, and back at cooking. YAY more things to write about. But really, December, where has the time gone? I am super excited to put up a tree this year. We skipped last year, because we were worried Bawse was too young and would destroy it when we left. But he is almost 2, so lets hope he’s better about it.

That being said, here is a couple of my old holiday drink posts to help you get into the spirit!

 Mulled Wine

Hot Vanilla Bourbon Cider


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