Glossier : Part 1

Guys. My life is changed. Okay, maybe just my makeup routine. When my cousin Cece visited she introduced me to two things.
1. The no makeup, makeup look.
2. Glossier products.

I am obsessed with thick luscious long lashes. That’s my thing. If I want to feel pretty, I give myself a couple of swipes of mascara and that does the trick. Then Cece comes to town and tells me that mascara looks too fake (gasp! In general, not on me.) and my lashes are nice enough to go without. My biggest complaint about mascara is that even when I wear waterproof, my skin is so oily that it isn’t long before I have dark circles under my eyes from it. (Or am I just so tired beyond belief that makeup doesn’t help?)

Cece brought her French minimalist style and opened my eyes to the dewy, au naturel look that I can now pull off (Thanks to Apoterra!) She showed me Glossier products and now I am hooked.


Haloscope Highlighter
Originally I only got the topaz (as a gift from Cece) since I am a darker tone than her. I used it on my cheekbones to get a nice “glow”. But then she took her quartz highlighter and dabbed it on the bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow and inner eye corners to brighten up my face. I’m bout this. So I had to order a stick for myself.

Balm dot Com
She got the 3 pack and gave me the mint one. Love the smell, love the texture. I use it mostly for my lips but you can use it anywhere really. I looked at the ingredients because it reminded me of the nipple cream that I keep in my purse, and sure enough, there’s lanolin in it. It’s a multi-use balm. I probably won’t re-up on this because I can stick to using my nipple cream. However, I did have a dry itchy patch on my skin one morning and I dabbed a little on it. It cooled it (because of the mint) which made it stop itching, and then moisturized it and made the patch go away! Win.

Stretch Concealer
At first, I was thinking, “Oh it’s so light, I can only use this for under eye concealing.” Wrong. Good thing I went online to see reviews and tutorials because this product is build-able so you can layer it on to cover your blemishes. It’s not thick and dry like other concealers. When you touch it, its almost like coconut oil and feels nice, soft and dewy on your skin. Which I am all about now. Cuz I’m a 30 something mom.


They package everything in a cute pink bubble wrap bag, which is perfect for stashing my stuff in and throwing it into my bag. I also got cute little emoji (like the one’s seen on their site) stickers too. As a visual designer, I’m all about packaging, and they get an A+. Especially since it can be re-purposed!

Part Two will cover the Face Mist, Primer Moisturizer, Perfecting Skin Tint and Boy Brow. Stay tuned.

**All opinions are my own and I don’t even think Glossier knows I exist. I bought all products with my own money and was not paid to share this honest review. But you can help pay for my addiction by making your first order with my link. You get 20% off and I get a little somethin’ somethin’ too.

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