Glossier Pt. 2

They are back in stock! I check my email every day in hopes of seeing that pink circle with a subject line that will scream that the skin perfecting tint is back in stock… Then it finally happened. I was on the fence about whether or not I was “dark” or “medium”. I went for medium. Mama didn’t get any sun this year.


Perfecting Skin Tint
Let’s keep it real. And by that, I mean your skin. This is SUPER light. And basically no coverage. It’s a liquid texture that you squeeze drops on your fingers (or directly on your face, but I wouldn’t). It is similar to having a hazy filter over your skin. It is blendable and is supposed to even out your skin tone if you have redness. For me, the first time I used it, I think I used too much. I felt like I looked terrible. So did the commenters on snapchat. But the people in real life said I looked super radiant and not like I was wearing makeup. I guess it was the lighting in which I took my picture? The next day I tried less and blended more. It worked. Smoothed out my skin and blended in really easily. They list this under skincare, and not makeup. Honestly, you could probably go without. It’s less coverage than my cc cream. I thought that I wouldn’t re-up on this, BUT each day I use it, I like it a little more. Go in with the skin perfecting tint, and then finish off with the stretch concealer (WHICH I LOVE). P.S. I only use 6 drops and it does what I want it to do.

Boy Brow (in Black)
I was a little worried that black would be too intense. I usually buy brown pencils for my eyebrows. Cece also bought brown. But all the models that had similar skin tone as I used black so I bought black. Not bad. But I think I will still try the brown next time, though. This comes in a little tube with a tiny brush. It’s not wet like other brow stuff. Kinda waxy, or a pomade. It wasn’t dark and Grouch Marx-y like I was worried it would be. Once it was on and dried, I didn’t notice any flaking or color coming off on my fingers when I touch it. I will still use it in combination with my pencils because this doesn’t fill in brows, it’s meant to tame unruly (yet fabulous) thick “boy” brows that are all the rage. I wonder if I should grow them out sometimes. But I’m scared to know the truth of my natural brows.

Priming Moisturizer
Love this. This is the staple. It has replaced my Too Faced Hangover Face Primer. If I can do two in one, I’m all about it. It’s buildable, so you put on a little if you are already moisturized, or add more if you still aren’t feeling juicy enough. It makes it a smooth surface for my makeup and I don’t see any caked up concealer midday. THOUGH I am using all Glossier(link) products and they probably just work well together. I haven’t tried it under other brand makeup.

Face Mist
Ok face mists. Who uses this? Really. I mean I’ve used my Evian one for traveling because I always feel dried out and need the refreshing pick me up. But other than that the only face mist I use daily is my makeup setting spray.  Because I have it, I’ve been using it regularly and now it’s found itself part of my morning routine. I spray it on before the primer and then again after I finish my face, to set it. Damn you Glossier for making me realize I was missing this in my routine.


**All opinions are my own and I don’t even think Glossier knows I exist. I bought all products with my own money and was not paid to share this honest review. But you can help pay for my addiction by making your first order with my link. You get 20% off and I get a little somethin’ somethin’ too.

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