Marie Kondo and the Purge

The first time I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo I was so motivated to purge that I ended up getting rid of 6 bags of clothing and refolding the clothes in the drawers per her method. I was obsessed. Because I had a young baby at the time, I couldn’t do the full out purging that she recommended, so that people don’t relapse.

I relapsed.

I only purged the closets, so other things piled up again. And now that my husband is on board with “The Purge” I am super excited. And I am reading the book again, for the motivation to get cracking…despite her telling us to throw away the book after reading (I prefer to donate, but HAH Marie, see I did come back to reread the book!)

First, I made a list and divided my home into sections, then in those sections, I made a list of tasks. Then every day I try to do at least one task in the section. Crossing things off the list is a good feeling. I will save you guys the anxiety of showing you my list of things to do.

Wish me luck, if this all works out, I’d like to start hosting dinner parties or secret supper club events! But this will also make space for cookbook writing, testing, prepping and shooting.  Life is just easier when it’s not cluttered.


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