Tieks. Foldable italian leather ballet flats. With a hefty price tag. You might recognize them by their blue bottoms. For my birthday, I decided that I’ve been a good girl. I deserve a “treat yo self” moment. After asking friends that have had them, and reading blog posts…I did it.

First thoughts. They came really fast, and packaged cutely in a little box with a flower band. It came with a bag for the flats, and a bag for your shoes (for when you kick off your heels and switch to the flats). Nice little perks. Eye candy.

The leather is so nice. I think this is my first real leather shoes because whatever my other shoes were made of are not the same as this. Putting them on at first is super snug. They say if you are a half size, order the next size down (they only have whole sizes). I totally understand why.

They were snug at first. Nothing terrible. Just stiff. After wearing them all day at work, my dogs were definitely ready to be free by the time I got home. After about a weekend in them in Vegas, they softened up and molded around my feet. Oddly enough my feet didn’t stink. Let’s be real ladies, don’t act like your flats don’t stink. Unless you spray alcohol in them at the end of the day (which works, thanks for the trick Nginn sisters!) which I don’t. I was like, wow this is magic unicorn shoes!

Well it has been about 3 months. The flats are super, amazing, comfortable. I haven’t folded them up at all though, because I wear them so much. And they are starting to stink a little (to me) but nothing over bearing, which is kind of a reality check. Definitely will start spraying them with alcohol…hope that doesn’t ruin the inside. Wish me luck. They are still holding strong and don’t look worn down at all. My normal flats, whether from target or nine west always end up looking busted by the 3 month mark and have to get tossed. So far, I think they are worth their price. I’ll check in again once they get WRECKED. If that happens.

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