It’s obvious I love ramen. From hopping around to ramen shops to hosting “Ramen Day” at my house, I could ALWAYS eat ramen. And lucky me, there’s a ramen shop walking distance from my office. Yet, it has so much more to offer than your average bowl of ramen. (How many times have I typed the word ramen already?)

So let’s NOT talk about the ramen, (though the king crab ramen with uni butter? omg) let’s talk about all the other delicious bites you can find there. Not only do they serve traditional style ramen, they have small plates that are both Japanese and Korean flavors.


One of my favorites, so simple yet so delicious, the snap pea goma-e. I am always iffy about having snap peas at restaurants because you never know if they are going to prepare it properly. I hate when I have to sit there peeling the strings off, definitely takes me away from enjoying my food. Here, they are perfect. And I really get to enjoy the slight crunch and the salty-sweet marinade. These are also perfect for me to snack on later (if I order it when I’m at work).


Bean Sprout Salad, minty, with a little tiny kick in white soy. I’m a texture eater and there’s a nice crunch added with the Marcona almonds.


Dumplings. Little pouches of deliciousness. As an avid dim sum-er, I’ve had many kinds of dumplings in my life. These weren’t anything super special. Probably wouldn’t order it again (on my own anyway).


Ermergerd. I don’t remember what this was called. I wanna guess that it’s the tuna poke. I usually don’t like tuna poke (I prefer salmon), but this was amazing. It’s got these little crunchy rice pearls and the sauce is delicious. It’s cut really thin and melts in your mouth. I’m really particular about what raw things I eat, and I basically ate this whole dish myself.


Guys. This is the uni waffle. Two things I’ve never had before. Caviar, and uni. AND THEN I GO AND HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER AT ONCE.


It was really intimidating. I’m not going to lie. I didn’t even know how to take on this first bite. I just went for it. It was a little messy (ok a lot) but wow. It just hits you. The toppings are cold, but the waffle is fluffy and warm. It was like getting knocked over by a wave you weren’t ready for. I could really only handle two bites before I had to take a break. But I did find myself wanting to have it again later. And think about it, a lot. If I eat this again, it would have to be shared with a friend!


And of course, you can’t go wrong with the buns! My favorite is the oxtail. It’s a nice crunch to the softness of the bun. I always get it. Don’t worry, my daughter just took a bite of the bun.

If you get the chance check it out! I love it because it’s convenient and I don’t have to find parking in DC. Win-win for me!

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