After Vacation

Rose Island, what has become our private island


This vacation did its job. I was gone for a perfect amount of time. Away from the computer or my ipad (seriously, I didn’t turn it on ONCE, not even on the plane). Yeah I was on instagram, and answering personal emails on my phone, but no work, no blog, nothing that I “had” to do. It was great.



We had no real plans, no strain or pressure to be anywhere. It was relaxing. I brought three books. I finished two, and started another one on the plane. I really wanted to just read, which is why I intentionally didn’t bring headphones either. This vacation has made me realize, that the perfect amount of vacation for me is 5 days, 4 nights. Anymore than that will be overkill for me. I would start to worry about all the work piling up, and how to deal with it all.



The two hour trip to the Bahamas makes it well worth the 5 days off of working. But if travel time is longer, then of course I’d adjust the days off. Now that I am back I realize, I have got a lot of little things to do, to get my life back to regular function mode. Mostly…cooking, cleaning and the dreaded. LAUNDRY.

Where he proposed earlier this year.


But I am happy to be back. Still a little crispy, because I forgot to bring a hat, but I am hoping it will mellow out a bit. This tan will need to last me until next summer. I didn’t really want to do a recap, because I literally did nothing, or the same thing as the last time I went, but I just wanted to stick my happy pictures in there.


bJLYMdQJUd3IpFfz.jpgMy husband seemed to have a great time for his birthday and that is what matters to me!

The view is unreal.


And now…back to reality.

Up close and personal
The view from our hotel room

End of Summer Vacation


Its our last big trip of the year. Fall and winter is time to focus, and stay home and be cozy. I can’t believe I was here 6 months ago, and now we are going back. I love it. Bahamas has become our special place.

This time we opted for NO rental car (its too confusing to drive there, we almost died last time) and we are staying on Paradise Island. This is because we ended up driving there everyday last time so this time we might as well just stay there. I’m excited to go back to the island and gets some R&R.

Then when I get back, I will buckle down and start a cooking schedule. Let’s do work son!

Are you guys having any end of summer last trips?

Rose Island, Bahamas


This is clearly just another excuse to show you pictures of paradise, and wish I was there. On our trip, we took a boat to a private island, to spend the day on an even MORE beautiful beach (could that even be possible?)


No one lives on this island, and it pretty much is a party island. You can snorkel, hang out on hammocks, or drink all day…or all of the above.



Sandy Toes, Rose Island, Bahamas


tJmbuZLahhEAfg01.jpgLast post. I promise.


We’re Engaged!


I can’t believe I am writing this post. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this personal of a story on my blog, but it’s such a good story, why not? As you already know, the honey surprised me with a birthday trip to the Bahamas. But the surprise did not end there.


Our second day on the islands, he made reservations at Dune Restaurant on Paradise Island. Before that though, he wanted to watch the sunset at this special place he read about The Cloisters. He said it would be a nice little walk on the beach to get there.


Yes, it was a walk on the beach, but no it was not nice. Haha! Since we were headed to dinner afterwards, I was already made up, and in my dinner dress. We walked down to the public beach and walked across the sands, for what felt like an hour over hilly ATV tracks. When we finally made it to where we could walk off the beach and on to the roads, we ended up in front of a liquor store, and on the back side of an industrial park.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, we were walking in the wrong direction on the main road. As the neighborhoods got less friendly, he realized…and we turned around and walked in the right direction. I’m sweating, and not feeling fresh for our fancy dinner and he’s soaked through his shirt. But when we got to the destination, I forgot all about it.


The Cloisters are beautiful. Sculptures and flowers and a cute little altar overlooking the water at the end of it. He told me to go ahead and check it out, he was going to set up the camera. So I am in the altar taking pictures, and he joins me.


He hands me a scroll with a love letter written in it. I start tearing up as I read it, and at the end it says, “PS I have a question for you”.

I look up at him and say, “What’s up”, and he looks a little startled and says, “what”. I told him he said he had a question…and he gets down on one knee.

“Will you marry me?”
“Yes” -tears falling.


“can you put it on me?”

“oh yeah” *slips ring onto finger

Hugs and kisses all around. <3




Surprise! Bahamas.


Last year for my birthday, we went to Hawaii. I thought that couldn’t be topped. He did it big, and he did it better this year. And it was completely unexpected. In the weeks leading up to this trip, he mentioned that we were going to take a weekend getaway “south” about 3-4 hours away. Me thinking I am Sherlock, assumed that it would be a ROAD TRIP to North or South Carolina.

I was completely wrong.


Friday morning, we loaded up the car, and I thought I was headed to work, but no. I soon realized we were headed to the airport. Freaking out, because I am type A and need to be prepared for all situations, I exclaim that I am not packed for the airport. He says he’s got it covered, and when we parked, he pulls out a bag of small empty containers. Time to dump my full sized goodies into tiny bottles.


We walk into the terminal, and he hands me my passport. WAIT, WHAT. I’m not prepared to go out of the country!? We made it through security and sit down at our gate. I still have no idea where we are going. He hands me my boarding pass. WE ARE GOING TO THE BAHAMAS?!…I’m not packed for the Bahamas!!? I had jeans and sweaters in my luggage. Lucky me, he packed my flip flops, bathing suits and “summer” clothes.

It was a complete surprise, with much more in store. I was so happy to escape the snow!


Birthday Week


My how the year has flown by! I am typing this to you on my surprise weekend trip to the Bahamas, which my honey gifted me! My actual birthday is Thursday, Feburary 27th. Since last year we went to Hawaii, and this year I was planning on joining my annual Mardi Gras party with my birthday party, he wanted to sneak me out of the country for a quick paradise getaway! More on my trip later.

In celebration of my birthday, I wanted to do a giveaway! Stay tuned! One of my favorite aprons will be up for grabs.