End of Summer Vacation


Its our last big trip of the year. Fall and winter is time to focus, and stay home and be cozy. I can’t believe I was here 6 months ago, and now we are going back. I love it. Bahamas has become our special place.

This time we opted for NO rental car (its too confusing to drive there, we almost died last time) and we are staying on Paradise Island. This is because we ended up driving there everyday last time so this time we might as well just stay there. I’m excited to go back to the island and gets some R&R.

Then when I get back, I will buckle down and start a cooking schedule. Let’s do work son!

Are you guys having any end of summer last trips?

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  1. We had to have a hike out to the coast of Point Reyes. It was beautiful and sure was glad that we made that decision to do it. My legs and lower back were burning from the 9 mile hike but so worth it. I’m glad you get to the beach, you beach bum:)

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