Boxerfest 2014

7aaVpUCHR3XMWxZb.jpgAnother weekend, another car show. This time, ALL THE SUBARUS. Out of all the shows I’ve been to, this so far has been my favorite. Maybe because it was limited to subarus. They had LOTS of vendors, that were giving away GREAT stuff. I put in all my raffle tickets for a Cobb Tuner, and gift card to subimods dot com. I did NOT win.

fElh50Fo2lNvc116.jpgHowever, I did win their instagram contest. Which was funny because I wasn’t even trying. Or knew that there was one going on!


This was my wining shot. Car limbo. This Forrester was called “Forest Gump”. I love it! He didn’t win but he gave it a great try.






It was a lot of funny hanging out with friends, making new ones, meeting the people I talk car stuff with from the internet. Boxerfest was definitely a hit. They even had an autocross track!

ZGgeP34IlGG3NXSr.jpgMy favorite part of car shows though, is rolling with all your subie brothers, and breaking necks.



I got super sunburned. But it was kinda worth it. On to the next!

Springfest 2014


The first car show of the season! The honey and I headed off to Virginia Beach in two separate cars. He is part of the indoor showing of cars, so he has to park his car there early. Having the extra car is helpful for our weekend, while his car is tied up.




Traffic on 95 south is always bad. But we made it at a decent time!


We checked in our hotel, had some delicious cookies. I LOVE these cookies. I probably had 4 cookies a day. This is why I will never be able to get on a strict healthy diet. *shakes fist.


We then took his car over to the convention center and got it ready for the show the next day.vzDWQSedJR9Iqi8T.png The event showed 50 cars indoors, and 750 cars in their outer lot. There were so many types of cars there, VIP styles, stanced, classics, brand new baller cars and fun cars with their own themes like…all pink, zombie apocalypse, and other crazy customizations.o13Mp1FSaDDM7KV1.jpgWLwXmbSpmzaGJQ0U.jpgSkALsPkFXDRPw1ZD.jpgUbxJA3KdTdaIXg0u.jpgRaXTcqOjHEOtQIy9.jpg

Next big show, Boxerfest!

Feed Starving People

You know what's awesome? When people can find a way to do something they love, and help people at the same time. My car club recently joined forces with another team to Feed Starving people. The event raised money to support this organization's next mission in South East Asia. They also collected clothing donations.

We had the event at the Greene Turtle in Dulles. They were very accommodating. We had a car show with trophies for winners, car limbo, a DJ and vendors. It was fun to share the day with other car enthusiasts and my team!



Cars for Cause: April 22

April 22, 2012: George Mason University, 4500 Patriot Circle Lot K Fairfax, VA 

Cancer sucks. They say 1 in 3 people will be affected by cancer. For those of you that followed me through last year, know I lost my mother to cancer last year, the day after mother’s day from a STAGE 4 diagnosis. Sadly, it took losing our mother, to make us open our eyes to grab the bull by the horns and live life.

After our mother’s death, my brother looked at what we had to go through, and decided that other people shouldn’t have to suffer the hard times as we did. He wanted to make a difference. So he took his passion, cars, and tried to make something of it. Starting an unclassified car club (meaning, any type, any mods can join as long as you had the love for it) and making it official, naming it Team Unclassified and then building an event (to be held annually) supporting, you guessed it, the fight against cancer.

Bring in countless numbers of car enthusiasts, Team Unclassified, along with George Mason’s Patriot Motorsports, and you have Cars for a Cause,  to be held this weekend at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.  Profits from the event will support The Children’s Hospital and 4 year old Isabel “Warrior Princess” who is diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and is receiving treatment at the Children’s National Medical Center in D.C.

There will plenty to do at the event if drooling over shiny cars isn’t going to cut it for you. Bring your kids! Bring your dogs. There will be a children activities booth, food vendors, a raffle, industry vendors as well as the SHOW part of event, where cars compete for best in a multitude of categories. Dyno will also be available for RWD, AWD and FWD!! See what your car is capable of!

I will be there, and I hope you will be too! Details on flyer and as follows :


  • Insane Stance & Offset (ISO)
  • Canibeat
  • Mischief.TV
  • D&V Autobody
  • Xclusiv: Alliance
  • National G Club
  • Dyno on the go
  • Zen Bistro
  • & MANY MORE…

$5 PER CAR (driver will get a free raffle ticket at the door)
$1 PER Passenger/Walk-ins
RAFFLE TICKETS -$1.00 per extra raffle ticket OR $5.00 for 7 tickets

***CAR SHOW*** 
There will be six classes for this show. There is a minimum of ten entries per class for validation of class. Maximum is 20 cars per class, first come first serve. Due to limited space.
Best of:
Judging will be made by ISO (Insane Stance and Offset), Canibeat, and
Trophies will be awarded.

Deadline to pre-register is March 24, 2012 @$15, day of show is $20.
For show entry please email show entry coordinators
Enter Subject line: CFC Show entry.
For these following car classes: Import, Stance, Tuner
For these following classes: Domestic, Euro, Truck

Send Full name, phone number, picture of your ride, details of modifications and our coordinators will respond with info on how to reserve your entry. If there are not enough entries at day of show, you will be refunded.

Fees for pre-registration: $15
Late registration at the door: $20